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We’ve been watching the Women’s World Cup again… And it was hard yesterday to see the best player on the US team (Sydney Leroux A Half Canadian and Half African American Woman) dominate the game only to be subbed with excuses about why the girl coming in was better than her, with NO STATS TO BACK IT UP and how sorry Abby needed to stay on the field “to get her game going.” Abby Wambach should have been subbed… She sucked it up last night and has been sucking it up for some time now.

We know Sydney Leroux is considered a “black woman,” but by complexion on the sideline… Fits with the “look of the team.”

The racism on the U.S. team is passive and they want you to not notice it.


The video above shows Sydney’s assist… But notice the girl run to her white teammate first? That is an unsaid rule in soccer you just-don’t-do. You’re supposed to thank the person who gave you the pass FIRST. Thierry Henry recently put a player on blast for not thanking the passer. Maybe not that big of a deal and I’m being hyper sensitive… Riiiight?

Is it a coincidence that the USWNT have never had more than 3 African American and Latina players on the roster at one time? Last Women’s World Cup we made this same argument and so they brought Shannon Box back and had no choice but to let the best soccer player for America play (Sydney). When Euro countries have more black women on the field than America… We got problems. Did you know that soccer is the biggest youth sport in America? A LOT of A.A. women play in America and are elite, but just don’t seem to make it to the top like the USWNT demographic suggest… Bullsh**! Now, they’ve been getting away with this segregation because of the development of women’s soccer in other countries being late to the party and fairly new, but last WC had tiny little Japanese girls handing our lunch to us and winning it all. Marta and Brazil have also caught up to us. All the women are catching up… And hopefully this passive racism is catching up as well.

Charlie Blanko- 6 Year Bossip Editor



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