Opinions Are Like Azzholes… Raven Symone Says She’ll Never Stop Giving Her 2 Cents No Matter How Dumb She Sounds

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Raven Symone Talks About Her Opinions

Raven Symone has recently been making headlines for her out of pocket commentary on everything from Africa to Harriet Tubman. The former Cosby kid now says she’s never going to stop giving her opinions just because people disagree with her…

Via Juicy Magazine:

“I think the things that I’ve said, whether they came out wrong or right, whether my mind flubbed up words and said the wrong words at the wrong time, or whether I said them intentional, everybody has an opinion of their own, and I’m entitled to mine and other people are entitled to theirs. It depends on how you respond to it – if you respond with respect and a discussion, or you respond because you’re so angry. But I never said anything, hopefully, that I pointed fingers at a certain person; if anything, I pointed them at myself and how I felt. So that is kind of my answer to that.”

Raven later discussed Caitlyn Jenner and says he has been influencing millions of people across the world…

“I think anyone sharing their life story, whether its in the LGBT community or not, is influential to people of the world because there’s so many people that go through similar things, and when someone in the spotlight shares their transition, struggle or story, it helps others come out, or others do it a different way, or others deal with problems in their family. So again, it can be taken either way. I think it’s wonderful for Caitlin Jenner to express herself in a way that she needs to and feel comfortable and with the status that she leaves in. And I’m proud of her and hopefully, she helps other people figure out how they are going to deal with the rest of their lives.”

Do you think Raven deserves a stadium of seats?

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