Kobe Tells Maid: “You Can Sue But Keep Your Mouth Shut”

- By Bossip Staff

Kobe and Vanessa are shuttin’ the maid down that’s taking them to court for treating her like a second class citizen. They want her to keep her mouth shut. Wonder what mess she’s witnessed in the Bryant home? Pop the lid for more

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa have filed a cross-complaint against their former maid — but all they really want is for her to keep her mouth shut.

According to court docs filed yesterday, the Bryants fully acknowledge Maria Jimenez’s right to battle them in court — although they say her claims of abuse are “without merit.” What the Bryants are really concerned with is the confidentiality agreement they claim Jimenez signed when she was hired in 2007 — which prevents her from talking to the press and other third parties.

The Bryants feel, according to the docs, that Jimenez’s press tour following her lawsuit is in violation of that agreement.

Jimenez is suing the Bryants, specifically claiming Vanessa was incredibly abusive — even demanding that she put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve a tag from her blouse

They are all due back in court in July.

We know this maid has witnessed all kinds of ish going on. Damn, we wish she could drop some info on these two.


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  • candy

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    _____Meet Wea lthy com_____ “”””””, i.m doubt since i found her profile.. you can talk with them online, it’s awesome~~~

  • huh & what

    I say, write a book.

  • LeahLeah

    I’m mad vanessa is treating her people like that. Hispanics gone mad.

  • michelle

    she is not hispanic she is italian

  • Chile Please

    I say raise your own kids and do your own house work. That way you won’t have to hire people to do it, and when things go bad between you. You won’t have them tellin folks yah biznazz. Wonder what really went on up in there.

  • Tisa Xiomara

    @ Superbiotch advertisers don’t matter…so u mite as well claim first. Candy shud be banned. and @ michelle she ain’t no damn Italian…she’s Mexican.

  • diva

    italian my a@@…. lol. vanessa ia an old school mexican from orange county.. do your research people.. and trust me if your man is cheating on you on the daily and everyone in la knows….. who knows how ugly you would be to people…serves her a@@ right

  • B

    Man this is gong to be hot.
    We all know Venessa ain’t from money. She probably came from a 3rd world where air was scarce. Anyway, same old shit. They were freaks and she witnessed shit.

  • dune

    1st of all she should blame it on anyone …..any woman knows how weak can their men be?…whether or not he likes playing girls and she say she hanging into the marriage nbasically she is hanging on the good life thats all…she dont work prop knows jack so if she does walk out she be mad

  • CattyBitch

    Ooooh, I want the maid to talk. You know she’s got all kinds of good dirt on Kobe and his wife!!!

  • CattyBitch

    And oh my Lord, who said Vanessa is Italian? She is a straight Mexican chick from Garden Grove.

  • Angee

    Damn shame! What the hell was going on in that house?

  • Speaking the truth...

    I hope she writes a book. LMAO.

  • always knew

    Ok, one comment Vanessa is NOT Italian..

    She is a Mexican…

    The Bryants’ are a selfish and hateful group..

    One day they will get back what they cast out..

    I hope they are still smilin then…

    What you do, does come back, it might not be right then, but you pay for the things that you do, especially mistreating people..

    God don’t like ugly. Kobe adn Vanessa have the ugliest attitudes, and I hope their children don;t grow up that way…They will be doomed before they even grow up…Bad examples…


  • always knew

    I’ve been in several situations where I could’ve been with a man with lots of money, but that money wouldn’t have been MINE…

    Not only that everyting comes with a price,

    just because someone has money, doesn’t mean that

    they treat you good, respect you or care about you…

    You just said she just uses the money to help her family and shut up when he screws around, until he brings her something that a shot, can’t cure…

    Poor examples for their kids…Those kids are gonna catch hell, with those 2 for PARENTS??

    What a joke..


  • Lisa

    Go Lakers beat that ASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Shut down the Denver Convicts—->Ole Tattoo fools.

  • bianca

    Typo* here are.
    Ps these people should pay the help before she spill the beans.

  • nitenrz

    i want the dirty dished

  • bianca

    I forgot to add nessa is very unhappy…she pretends she is…whenever she is stretched to the limit she reflects on the material comforts the money gets her and it calms her soul.To these people on your way up be nice to people because you’ll me the same people on your way down.
    Their punishment should be to be the maids for the maid for as long as the time she worked for them.

  • cocoa

    I just want to say that if the tag was something that I really needed and someone knew not to throw it away I would be like you threw it in there now get it out so I dont see nothing wrong with that.

  • mane

    I said it once before that Kobe nem with that doodoo stuff!!!!



  • Nikki

    Kobe seems like a very nice guy and I think he made a mistake in marrying Vanessa. He was young and married her without a pre-nup. So, it’s cheaper to keep her. Now he has to deal with her cussing out reporters and abusing maids. He shoulda listened to his parents and teammates when they told him not to marry her.


    Kobe and his wife are crazy!! But I have to tell the truth crazy as they are she is very pretty….crazy but pretty and they make very pretty kids together. Hope she stays around when he is not in the game any more!! He may have a good 3-4 years? We will see then!!

  • mike

    Mexican on Mexican crime, that’s a damn shame Vanessa…..

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