Changing It Up On Y’all: Halle Goes Short

- By Bossip Staff

Halle Berry was spotted leaving the Marriott in Manhattan Beach with this cute boyish cut. Halle might be gearing up for something, is it a movie roll, or did she just want to change it up?

Pop it to see a back shot of the crop along with others…

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  • candy

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    she looks nice, ive always preferred her with short hair!

  • huh & what

    Beautiful as always.


    and 3rd!!

  • LeahLeah

    I’ve always loved her with short hair

  • Chile Please

    Halle just decided to take those two wigs off she’d been wearing for the past few years. She does look better with short hair. That cut is sooo her.

  • Tisa Xiomara

    That cut always did suit her. She looking a bit drawn in the face tho.

  • Telling It Like It Is!

    Halle’s going retro on us y’all! Remember when she first hit the scene? Everybody was trying to get that short cut she was rockin’! Ditto on all comments – no doubt the woman could get away with most anything but, short is her best look; same for Jada.

  • Tisa Xiomara

    Is it me or does Halle’s nose look a lil straighter and more refined?

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    still at 43 the finest b*tch on the planet!

  • nitenrz

    i love it

  • Smoovee Sayz

    She kinda looks like Rihanna here in a few pics…iunno

  • Jade Hummingbyrd

    She, Jada and Toni Braxton all WORKED this short cut…Nia Long too; and they all look better with the short hair. They revolutionized this cut. VERY glad Halle went back to it.

  • Sit yo five dollar ass down before I make some change (Swine Flu?? Sounds like an excuse to start a conspiracy?)

    She looks amazing with short hair….she was the originator of this ‘do…get em Mrs. Berry…lol


    @ Smoovee Sayz

    Some people are dillusional really! How do you see Rihanna in those pics there is no comparison.


    Your history is a wrong! They both had short hair when they came out around the dame time in 1989. However, Halle has always been the trendsetter when it comes to short hair!

    She looks amazing regardless long or short hair, but she looks best short! Love it!

  • BusyBody

    Hallie said she would never go short again…when she started wearing tracks…lol she looks fly with a short cut

  • 11:11

    short is good, Halle

  • Green Grass

    she looks best with short hair anyway

  • Angee

    Halle always looked goo with the short cut.

  • Angee

    *looked good*

  • Bill Bigsby


  • dayg715

    you people have selective memory loss, or you’re all mad young. Halee was the FIRST to rock that hair cut-BEFORE rihanna and toni braxton, and all the others. Halle made that haircut famous and iconic. do your homework, folks.

  • dayg715

    sorry, i meant Halle

  • Daisy

    I love her hair and Halle’s hair was REAL! I am sure she may have worn a track or two here or there but I want people to act like she CANT or DIDNT grow her hair out. She had long hair back in the day when she was on the pagent circut.

  • Ericksgurl

    Bout time she went baq short bcuz i hated the long hair look!!!

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