First Lady Michelle Obama Graces TIME Cover

- By Bossip Staff

Our elegant First Lady, Michelle Obama, is on the cover of Time Magazine. The magazine’s cover story on Mrs. Obama is intriguing. We have some excerpts and behind the scenes pictures:

“I kind of think back to my childhood, and I tell this story a lot. I mean, I grew up in Chicago on the South Side, and literally a 10-minute drive away was the University of Chicago in all of its grandeur. And I never knew anything about that institution that was a few minutes away from me, and that was so telling, even to the point that my mother worked there. She worked there for four years as a secretary to the legal office. But I never set foot on campus. We came through, we picked her up, we left. It was sort of like another world that didn’t belong to me. I didn’t think about college in that sense when I was younger. So it was a very foreign place, even though it was a stone’s throw. It had an impact on my life.”

“There are so many institutions like that around the world, and so many kids like that who are living inches away from power and prestige and fame and fortune, and they don’t even know that it exists. And the White House, all these wonderful buildings, these monuments and capitols — I’m sure there are children who feel that way. I’m sure there are people in this country who feel the same way about these places that I did about the University of Chicago. I have probably dedicated more of my life to trying to break down those barriers for people. I think that might be one of the small themes in my professional life, is to try to be the bridge so that more people feel like they have access; that their voice, that their faces, that their worlds count in places like this and that there is understanding across those divides.”

“And as I grew up and came to work in those places, right, and got to know them, I realized that the misunderstanding or the disconnect goes both ways — that folks outside of these communities have no idea what goes on within these institutions, and sometimes the people in the institutions have no real understanding of the people who live outside. You know, everybody is dealing in these misperceptions about one another because there is no bridge.”

” I just feel like through the small things that we can do here at the White House, we can start exemplifying the importance of building those bridges, in real meaningful ways, so that when you come — when young people come here, they don’t have to come here and be something they’re not. They can come here and be who they are, and the folks here will listen. And we can go out and be ourselves and listen in their communities as well. “

Peep the behind the scenes pictures in the feature.


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  • michelle

    humm that picture is a little too close. Her complexion is beautiful, nice make up, but she needs to stop shaving her eyebrows that high.


    South side stand up!!!!!

  • Telling It Like It Is!

    The first b & w photo gives me chills. It’s a stunning photo. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this “black” woman is famous because she’s “the first lady of the United States”! Awesome.

  • Snailo

    she is gorgeous
    she makes me beam with pride
    loving it

  • Mucky

    She’s totally awesome!

  • PoetryisMe (...and I am Poetry)

    She carries herself with so much class and grace. This is the sort of role model that young people, especially young ladies, should have. I am just amazed by listening to her speak.

  • Whaggght?!!

    I LOVE Mrs.Obama!! We finally got a woman in the spotlight that truly represents who we are and should be! Completely classy!!!

  • poor kid

    She is flawless! Intelligent and fine.

  • Sit yo five dollar ass down before I make some change (Swine Flu?? Sounds like an excuse to start a conspiracy?)

    She is so amazing and I am so proud to be an African American woman…her B/W photo is breath taking.Keep up the outstanding work ,Mrs. O!

  • WorldGoneWild

    Enuff said! Michelle is awesome and beautiful!

  • what happened to my name?

    she’s so ugly. look her mouth! she needs braces for that overbite. please no close-ups! iman was right. she’s not a natural beauty.

  • Erin

    I can’t get over how proud I am of her! She looks good and she’s changing the definition of what we have known as ‘Beauty’…REAL BEAUTY!

  • Frank

    I heard that Rush Limbaugh referred to her as Blackie Kennedy in an interview.

  • James Arrington

    Alright, I will admit she looks good on this cover, but as soon as she opens her shark mouth she losses a lot of points.

  • 11:11

    @ james
    loser, do you even have dental coverage?

  • jessie

    black and white photo needs to be the main photo

  • Darth H8ter

    She comes across as trying to play like they were poor, underprivelledged. I disagree with politics, but she is a very impressive person. I mean, she is an Ivy league grad and got a 260% payraise when her husband got the senate seat. Then, her employer (a large one) got a large amount of federal funding. (Sarcasm off). She grew up in a two parent household, father was a democratic committeeman, which ieven if he was black and in the 60’s, still was very impressive and important.

  • Aye Ok

    @PoetryisMe (…and I am Poetry)

    Thanks! After I read your comment yestereday I saw the bigger picture & you are right you have to bring them up to your level if you can but never stoop down to their closed mindedness because that is what I was doing & it didn’t change anything it just made me more like him & lord knows that I don’t wanna be like that ‘character’! So, thank you again & have a Happy M-Day weekend & I’ll see you around.

  • Menominee Nation

    luv that lady

  • bianca

    She is a beautiful woman.I think she should arch the eyebrows less…lower and slightly arched would do wonders for her expression…I learnt this in graphic arts class.

  • mane

    The Flotus, is a “bad mamma-jamma”!

  • Gary Coleman

    Rush Limbaugh might be a lot of things but we don’t need to start making things up. Be careful what you repeat. If he had called her that it would be all over the news as he doesn’t have a lot of friends in the media.

  • jandsmama

    The photos are stunning but I agree with bianca and michelle on her eyebrows – ease off the arching.

    @Darth h8ter
    I don’t think Michelle ever portrayed herself as underpriviledged. She simply acknowledges her roots from the South Side of Chicago and how different they are from more well to do areas. She had a modest upbringing.

  • HA

    I love her. She make me proud to be a black woman. She is so graceful.

  • southerngirl1956

    Mrs Obama,First Lady,My Black Sista !!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so proud to be a black woman from MS who lives on the west side of Chgo.Michelle is truly a role model for all women especially black women.You are beautiful and may GOD continue to bless you,MR PRESIDENT and your 2 beautiful girls.

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