New Couple?: Rihanna Spotted Going Into Kanye’s NYC apartment

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna was seen going in and out of Kanye’s Manhattan apartment over the weekend in two different get up’s. You gotta wonder if Yeezy is choppin down Riri’s pear shaped backs…hmmm?

Pop it to see her rockin’ a cute pair of jean shorts and leather beige boots below…

Images via WENN

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  • Superbiotch

    Silver and I doubt it. They just work together.

  • huh & what

    If she goes into a restaurant is she sleeping with the manager too?

  • LeahLeah

    I’m quite sure their recording some songs. Tsk tsk

  • HarlemWorld

    I would beat too!

  • Tisa Xiomara

    LOL @ huh and what

  • Mandy

    KANYE IS IN HAWAII, ya’ll are a mess lmao!

    Who’s to say its HIS apartment she’s going to? It’s a apartment complex….maybe you know…she has an apartment there too? LOL. Crack me up, ya’ll trying to link this girl to everybody.

    ANyways can we STOP with the RIhanna posts??? GOD.

  • Mandy

    LOL I’m guessing the next rumor.

    Her white bodyguard is gonna be her next love interest. He’s with her everyday right? LOL This is so gonna be the new rumor.

  • Melanie

    I guess Kanye lent her his apartment because she didn’t want to stay at a hotel again maybe.

  • Mucky

    She’s the finest Honey in the game…PERIOD!

  • K-mia

    she wouldnt mess with Kanye because he’s not attractive enough to her

  • Cali all day

    Love U Rih!!!! U the baddest B!tch!!!

  • TeamChris

    @Maggie Letterman >>>

    That is only rumor, ’bout Chris working with Carrie Underwood, that producer only said it “could be someone who is in country like Carrie Underwood that might do a track on his upcoming CD.”
    All somesort of a smokescreen, if you ask me. Why would Simon Cowl(spelling) let Kerry Underwood work with Breezy? At the very least, not till after the case is done with, ‘eh?

    To tell the truth, not too many people want to work with Breezy right now, not even Jordan Sparks! Though, he just won BMI’s songwriter of the year! Google it and you’ll see what I’m talking ’bout, it was a 8way tie. I think he got it for “Forever and Kiss Kiss.” But of course, the media choose to ignore that most coveted of awards/prizes.

    Meggie Letterman, so let me ask you this, if Kanye wasn’t “Kanye,” and he was kind and a gentleman, and you were available and he tried to take you out, would you give him a chance???

  • Meggie Letterman


    Meggie Letterman, so let me ask you this, if Kanye wasn’t “Kanye,” and he was kind and a gentleman, and you were available and he tried to take you out, would you give him a chance???

    That can go across any board; A gentlemen….I mean a gentlemen is one of respect integrity and substance, it don’t have to be Kanye. Any guy could be like that. Let me ask you, if Rihanna wasn’t “Rihanna” would you holla at her? nah, keep in mind she wouldn’t be looking ALL like she look….she wouldn’t have the money for clothes, make-up like that…would you?

  • TeamChris

    @Maggie >>>>

    And yes, I’ve actually let a relationship….”slip” with someone who looks just like Rhianna to be with a Gabby “look alike” – real talk!!

  • TeamChris

    @Maggie >>>>

    You didn’t answer my question ’bout Kanye, if he didn’t have the fame nor the money, “would you?”
    I mean; K, let me throw in the race/color factor; say he AND a white man was, “in the running” and both had “everything equally,” be honest and tell me; tell me you’d choose Kanye, c’mon on now!

  • TeamChris


    Let me ask you this, do you think Rhianna had a nose job to make her nose narrower? I guess like MJ did? And do you think she made her skin lighter with artificial stuff?

    I saw stuff on here last night talking bout that, I don’t know….”making your nose narrower” is something of a turn off to me, you are what you should be, you is what you is; it IS what it is, you know?

    But just what the hell do I know, you know?

  • Meggie Letterman


    You random wit that Rihanna comment lol. First NAWH to a white man. I’ve found that white people “return” back to their roots….they WILL turn, I ain’t got time for series on “Roots”, real talk & RE Kanye….I can’t say that for a FACT on the real…I would have to meet him. I mean he seems cool like I said in the last comment…but still I don’t say I would or wouldn’t…that’s just how I am far as relationships. I run deep on ISH.

  • 11:11

    love the dress~


    i heard she woz seeing drake. im

  • ysr

    She can get it for sure. If Ye ain’t hittin, he Should. I think he been hittin that for a min.

  • TeamChris

    @Maggie >>>

    Maybe I was wrong in using Kanye as an example, or even someone who had his physical features but didn’t “come up” as yet. But as far as his personality, it’d be like he’s going to be a little….how can I say this, K I’ll use the word eccentric! But then again, aren’t all artists? So you’d have to put up with an “artist’s temperment.”

  • Meggie Letterman


    I am a black women 🙂 Material game is good, but material runs out after while. I agree you can be well groomed and not mainstream even the slightess, but when I’m defining looks, I’m speaking on Nautral beauty…meaning doing just enough without working overtime at it. Anything can be viewed as deceitful. Poor can be decietful.

  • TeamChris

    @Maggie >>>

    Wow, we’re on the same page!!

    TeamChris sits and wonders, what are the chances that, for once, they’d be agreeance with ANYONE!Yikes, that thought is scary, gotta change up the game!

    But your wong, Maggie, you’re so dead wrong!!!

  • TeamChris

    @Maggie >>>>

    Well, time will take it’s toll, but as far as, “what’s left”, Gabby will win hands down- all of the time!! I mean, look at all of the “Mixed” celebs, when they get older, it’s like YIKES – look out below!!

    Gabby and her “sort” will always outshine ’em all, you know? This is why I’d want my children to have “her look”.

  • Meggie Letterman


    How you gon chance up the game, cause we agree lol?! If you must 🙂 Hun, you gotta let Gabby “fantasy” and LOVELOCKDOWN go…she’s not that. A Image is just a image. People are tellin you who they really are ALL the time, and that’s with their looks, status, personality and so on….if a person is RIGHT then they’re RIGHT, if wrong then their true colors will shine eventually. You seem like a sweet guy Chris…you I’m wondering if you’re a celebrity in disguise (did I spell that correct?)

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