Amber Rose Denies Any Relationship with Cassidy

- By Bossip Staff

Ye’s ex side piece Amber Rose is stepping up and blasting the rumors about her relationship with Cassidy on her twitter page. Pop the hood for more

I do NOT know Cassity personally I met him for the first and only time at a charity softball game. THAT’S IT! These blogs r ridiculous!

We hope this is true. Going from Kanye to Cassidy would be a major downgrade.

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  • Legs

    Could it be?

  • Legs

    I was sooo 1st. I’m doing a little dance at my desk. But about the side-piece: Deny it, own it, fall off the face of the earth, no one cares. This chick is becoming less relevant by the hour. Amber who?

  • Meggie Letterman


    Thank you!

    Ho still trynna stay relevant, it’s OVER. And she spelled Cassidy– Cassity…ha dumb….we starting to see why they broke up.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    I dont know why ya’ll hoes are mad at her, sh*t cassidy aint got kanye paper, besides its a big letdown going from first class and private jets to JetBlue, those shoes and purses had to cost $2,000 and $750 apiece, and I dont think Motel 6 has room service. This b*tch aint stupid shes on the next flight over here to Honolulu at 12:10pm. She plans on licking the toejam from between kanye’s toes as an act of forgiveness.

    love 6am

  • Ok

    Twitter??! I wonder how many followers she has?! lol.. I hate twitter…

  • WorldGoneWild

    I think she tried to buy a house or sumthin with Ye’s stacks and got caught. Serves her right! Next!

  • Ok

    @ Meggie… thats why you gotta love the boo Ye!! lol

  • Meggie Letterman

    @OK….I got to love him lol! I think she was probably caught stealin’ from him, and he caught her like HELL NAWH. Wouldn’t be somethin’ if he didn’t even release Robocop? SMH…so much for uh? Gold digger end up at the bottom of the sea….I wonder if Elle Magazine is going to pull that spread since she ain’t got Yeezy by her side….that would be somethin too, SMHHHHHHHH.

  • WTF?

    I jerk off to Amber Rose. Frequently.

  • mane

    She looks, so sad!

  • dune

    now baby girls feels bad so much everyone knows.i bet she didnt use brains when she was messing about…now she got what she deserved.the rumours that she did tried to buy some house withKanye money…not sure koz as far as i know Kanye aint stupid enpugh to be walking with some cold cash not put in the bank…well unless she was trying to use his credit card and transfer the money to her account…and thats so stupid if she did…n back to cheating she mad…from Kanye to Cassidy…honey people r beating the RECCESSION and not wanting some bad economy criss…

  • Whatever

    She’s fine. No doubt. But she’s…A DIKE! Hello??? Kanye should’ve known that you don’t *seriously* date women like these; strippers either. The ladder is a reference to “Officer Ricky”.

  • John D. Hater

    SHUT UP HOE!!!!!

  • gmommy

    Looks like it is back to rollin Johns for you, HO!


    Monkey poon. Kanye likes monkey poon. LOL

  • Mocha1

    No doubt the lights aren’t as bright as they were when Amber was with Ye so I’m quite sure that hindsight is kickin’ that azz right about now.

    On another note, say what you like about her but Amber is built! Go ‘head gurl, I see you.

    Of course as Ms. Amber is finding out (a little too late but finding out nevertheless)…there’s more to life than ‘Lookin’ the part— you gotta Play the part, too! Which means, keep your priorities(or financiers) in perspective!


    You guys act like you didnt read where she wrote’the rumour is false’…That means it is not true!!!!!

    Amber is a cool down to earth women stop callin her out of her name!!!

    WoW you guys can be Overly Brutal..Stop judging what you dont know!


    My Prayer:
    Dear God you are highly exhalted there is none like you, Please help my peers to recover from this disease called Hating..Thankyou.
    AMEN lol

  • Jinny


  • Sugar

    Kanye to Cassidy?

    That’s like going from a Bentley to a scooter. Now a good look, Amber.

  • Sugar


  • 11:11

    the lady behind her is stunning…

  • ??WHAT??


    I second that

  • Sharie

    Love u Amber!!

  • Wendy

    LMBAO @ “We hope this is true. Going from Kanye to Cassidy would be a major downgrade.”
    That comment is so true!!
    Its a rumor out that it was the rapper Common, Now that would be a even trade(I think!)

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