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Caitlyn Jenner Poses For Picture With Her Plastic Surgeon

Behind every great Caitlyn is a man with a scalpel…

Via USAToday

The plastic surgery community may have a new star: The doctor who constructed Caitlyn Jenner’s new face.

Certainly, Jenner is grateful to Harrison Lee, who’s becoming famous as one of the doctors who helped her in her transition to the world’s best-known transgender woman, complete with a glamour-shot cover of Vanity Fair.

Lee is speaking out in interviews about the 10-hour facial surgery he performed in March on the former Bruce Jenner to propel his transition to Caitlyn.

Now there’s a picture memorializing Jenner’s gratitude, posted on Instagram by one of Lee’s assistants.

In the picture, the two hold Jenner’s VF cover, which Jenner has inscribed, “To Harrison, Great Job Thank you so much Caitlyn Jenner.”

Says Dr. Lee:

“I don’t want to show off, but I think she’s ecstatic with the result,” Lee said in an interview with E! on Wednesday.

Lee said the general good health of the winner of the 1976 decathlon gold medal helped in her healing process, which can take up to a year with some patients.

“She healed remarkably fast. Maybe because she’s an Olympic athlete,” Lee said. “I mean, at 65, she is in remarkable health.”

Lee is one of two Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, known for their transgender surgical procedures, who worked on Jenner, according to the press release that went out last week disclosing their role.

Lee performs facial feminization surgery, the procedures that modify a man’s face to increase its femininity, including eyelid surgery, jaw reduction, brow bone reduction, brow lift, rhinoplasty, cheek implantation and lip augmentation.

This guy is about to get ALL the gender-bendin’ gwap!

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