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Mariah knows she’s doing too much. She has a staff of 15 people that travel with her everywhere she goes and there’s a designated cleavage assistant who maintains her ta-tas for all her personal appearances. Flip the switch for more

When she wafted into the white marbled halls of the Martinez Hotel, she brought with her a 15-strong entourage, including three personal assistants, a hairdresser, a stylist, a make-up artist, a masseuse, a chauffeur and a dietician. She has an assistant whose job it is to follow her with wet wipes to clean her hands after she has touched anything, and also to clean anything which she might potentially touch. Another prances in her wake with a glass of warm water and a straw. The water has to be kept at just a little above room temperature to help her voice – which is, indeed, astonishing. Her vocal range is so accomplished that many say she can produce sounds high enough to startle a bat. In the evening, this assistant also has the task of monitoring her cleavage and reapplying modesty tape, if required. Working for Mariah requires you to be on duty 24 hours a day. Also in attendance, at all times, are five bodyguards. The bodyguards form a ring around her when she ventures out – as if she were the jam in the middle of a muscular doughnut – shouting “Miss Carey coming through!” and: “‘Make way for Mariah!” One who has spent time with Miss Carey says that her world is exactly the one a 12-year-old girl would order if she had unlimited funds at her disposal. Everywhere you turn there is a lot of pink, a lot of glitter, and a lot of gold.

Didn’t J-Lo have a nipple tweaker on set for her music video? What’s the deal with these pop divas? Ridiculous. SMH



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