Blade Gets Some Justice

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Wesley Snipes was acquitted of federal tax fraud but was convicted on three misdemeanor counts of failing to file a tax return.charges today.

The federali’s must have took his threats seriously.

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  • kcmochagirl


  • Keif K

    I cant believe he beat this case.

  • Marquis de Sade

    LOL! SMDH must be pissed!

  • http://YAHOO MZREDD

    Go wesley f**k dem crakers!!!!

  • jen

    Yeah now maybe he will come out of hiding, I love Wesley.They don’t need another black man in jail for something that someone else will get 20 minutes for. By the way his babies mother looks cute in that picture.

  • and another one.......

    Wesley could get it 24 7. GO NINO!



  • Wenzel Dashington

    Now, sit your five-dollar ass down before I make change.

  • Shootingstar

    I think he’s going to get between 6 months and a yr….and he will deserve it.

  • braided beauty

    right post some black history instead of that trashy ass kim k and her fake implant ass.. to keep haters like Jenna off of here, with her lying white ass.

  • Marquis de Sade


    It’s not just Black History, it’s American History. Bring on mo’ Kim Kardashian. She’s fine and BOOTIFUL.

  • FyreStarrter

    To be honest I am not surprised. The prosecution REALLY did not have much of a case & this was more about trying to prosecute a high profile individual & the chase/hunt than the actual conviction. I really believe they tried to make Wesley a scapegoat. And unfortunately for them they failed miserably lol.

  • Nate we are parying for u


  • feeling

    He’s hot. But is he lonely? I seem to see his profile on a celebrity dating site called Richkiss.c om? He has a great profile with attractive photos there. Many people have viewed him. What is he looking for there? love, date, romance, or just friends…?

  • leave it be(weave free)

    hey super scrong….that pic of wesley is killing me softly……:(

  • MistaO

    Congrats Westley! Glad to see it brother!

  • sho nuff da stuff

    O Spit…Black History Month is startin’ off to a good start…good for you Wes!

  • RU$$

    Happy for Blade, damn good actor,as a matter of fact.

    Bros need to remember the Feds are always looking hem

    a Blackman up.

  • Ricky tha Sicky

    @ Leave It Be

    Ohhhhh girl, i want to go down on you. A girl as fine as you, must be an epicurean delight, fa sho.

  • Madame Burberry

    oh joy, now he can grace us with another sorry ass blade movie. leaky eyed bastard!

  • cari

    Too bad they went so easy on him with his dumb ass lie about not knowing he had to pay taxes for money earned in the U.S. Hope he gets at least a some time in the “pokey”… He deserves to get his ass beat down for what he did to Halle.

  • Amarie4911

    Glad he got off. Congrats, Wesley. It’s not cool that you avoid black women but I’m glad that a black man got off. You uncle Tom, house negroes need to stop wishing prison on that man. The government got you so brainwashed, you don’t even know that some rich politicians created the whole Income Tax thing illegally.

  • lovely and amazing

    God Bless Wesley.

    It is indeed a blessing when a brother is not railroaded. Especially in Florida.

    Read the Marvin Gaye Biography. He took a pretty radical stand against paying US income taxes. He felt it was unfair for African-Americans to pay taxes due to racism. At one point he lived in a bread van on the beach with his kids to avoid pay taxes. Interesting.

    Wesley, you don’t have to date us but at least thank your sisters, we were praying for you.

  • lovely and amazing

    Blade was actually a great movie. It was also groundbbreaking.

    A major hollywood action film starring a black man and woman. Wesley Snipes and N’bushe Wright.

    Miss Wright is also the brown skinned sister who wrote and developed and was initially offerdd Halle’s Oscar-winning role in Monster’s Ball. Until Billy Bob rewrote the role and replaced black Miss Wright with biracial Miss Berry.


    To this day there hasn’t been another major Hollywood action film with dark brown male and female leads.

  • Clay Davis


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