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White Woman In McKinney Pool Fight Says She Never Used Racial Slurs

“Who? ME???” Smh

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Tracey Carver, a white woman seen on video in a fight at the McKinney pool party that fueled a national debate about race, spoke at a press conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday to deny accusations that she said racist slurs.

In a statement forwarded to The Dallas Morning News, Carver said that she was trying to defuse a fight between her friend and a young woman who pulled the friend’s hair. The McKinney woman noted she had to relocate to California because of threats against her and her family.

Tatyana Rhodes, a black 19-year-old woman, had told a photojournalist that another woman, who is white, told her to return to her public housing before slapping her in the face. Rhodes said she, her mother and sister live in the Craig Ranch subdivision and hosted the party there.

Carver said that people set up a barbecue event with a DJ next to the pool but outside the pool gates around 5 p.m. June 5. People attending the barbecue who were not residents of the Craig Ranch neighborhood then began entering the pool “by the dozens.”


Carver said she decided to leave with her children, a grandchild and a friend when people started jumping the fence around the pool. She recalls others shouting, “Go home, bye, black haters.”

“It was nearly impossible to exit the gate because it was lined 3 rows deep with dozens of what appeared to be disrespectful, unruly and violent teens and young adults,” Carver said in the statement.

According to the McKinney woman, once she left the gate, a teen began screaming racist slurs at her friend and stated that the pool was public. The friend told the teen that it was not a public pool and that people pay dues to use it, Carver recalled.

Then a woman older than 18 charged at Carver’s friend, who made no motion toward the young woman, and grabbed her hair, according to Carver.

“My kids were screaming and traumatized,” Carver said. “I walked out to defuse the fight and did just that. I didn’t beat anyone nor use racial slurs of any kind.”

According to Carver, someone threw a large, red ICEE drink at her, hitting her in the back and splashing her 11-year-old, who was in the car.

Now, try to keep your cool, because this next part might just make you lose it…

A family friend, Aaron C. Clark, also spoke at the press conference. Clark, who is black, said he has been friends with Larry Allbritton, Tracey’s husband, for 27 years and lived with the family on and off. He described Carver as “one of the most kind beautiful people that I have ever met or known.”

“While I was not at the incident that took place, I heard the story from Tracey and because I know the type of character she has, I am positive that she didn’t make any racist comments or start an altercation,” Clark said in a statement.

SMH…Aaron C. Clark is literally the “black friend”, coming to the aid of her white bestie.

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