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Posted by Bossip Staff

Reggie Bush was spotted with his Kim K last night at Maxim’s superbowl party. Someone needs to explain to Reggie you leave these types back at the hotel or in the cut. SMH.

Even more pics under the hood

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  • GhostWriter


  • x

    i think they make a cute couple, but maybe reggie shouldnt take things TOO far with kim k!

  • nini

    I would be jealous of anyone dating reggie!

    He looks really in love though….

  • Bronx Brawler

    There’s a dude on every block that wifes up the hood jumpoff just so happen he’s a pro football player.

  • P.Y.T

    They are both beautiful but the real questions is what happen to the side of his face?

  • pam

    cute couple

  • tmz


  • yahoo

    is he lonely? ? to my shock, I seem to see his profile on a celebrity d ating site. It seems called ‘ric h kis s. c om’. And more he’s a certif ied milli onaire there. What happened?

  • Ty

    Can someone please explain to me the difference between Kim and other women black or white???? Women always talking like they only slept with two men in their life time. Let that man be with whoever he want to be with. The women that has so much to say are the same women that men leave at home or in the cut and that is why they have so much time to comment what another peron is doing with their life. People can never see the things they are doing, but are quick to recognize what someone else is doing or who they with.

  • Lube and a Tube Sock

    ain’t nothing like a female fixing you chicken noodle soup and rubbin vics vapor rub on your chest

  • andrea

    are people still in in a ruckus about their relationship???? lol. other things in life must not be that serious to them, haha. they seem like they are doing well… that’s good. they are a good looking couple.

  • BrickCityGod

    I have to assume that the writer of this article is a female. No man would throw salt on this brotha for having one of the BADDEST chicks in the game right now. Hater-ade must be on sale for wannabe hoes like you. 2 for 5.

  • andrea

    he and ryan gosling are brothers from another mother, i swear, haha.

  • Andrea_Teria

    Whatever who cares I cant really be worrying about other peoples relationships…right about Now!!!

  • Harlem Chic

    Reggie has lost his sexiness….now he just looks like a regular brother…

  • Lube and a Tube Sock

    He looks like he’s constantly on an interview now, just stiff as a board……lol and wtf is Diddy wearing??

  • Lucy

    He looks like a male version of a stepford wife. And he’s a little ashy about the mouth….eeeh.

  • James

    Kim K is beautiful, however her morals are in question. Reggie is also a handsome man, however, his morals are in question as well. The two belong together. He is getting played, i hope his career continues to be excellent, the slightest injury, could land him without his girl pal kim, everyone knows shes after that wallet. But hey, some blacks will never learn, not that their is anything wrong with race mixing, because my wife is another race as well.

  • Van (Tokyo,Japan)

    It saddens me to see those with “TRUE” talent are often ignored-overlooked. With someone of this woman’s standard (and others of her kind) would be praised,celebrated,adored and be called “Beautiful.” I don’t understand American Entertainment. So shallow, so tasteless….hmmm…I could just go on.

  • Van (Tokyo,Japan)

    @Super Scrong Black Man

    I will correct myself. I solely was speaking about the TV Media Industry.

  • ms jazz
  • cia

    did kims makeup rub off on his face? cause reggies face looks a little white…am i the only one noticing this…mmmmmmm

  • lucky

    Ray J said Reggie Bush must have been a fan LOL now I’m starting to think Ray J maybe on ot something. Yo can’t make a hoe a house wife

  • Van (Tokyo,Japan)

    I am watching that “Cloverfiled” movie and now I have a headache! : (

  • Lisa

    He is a cuttie. He is also a playboy. I saw his profile on millionaire&celeb dating site last week.

    It is said he is only interested in dating young beautiful girls on that site

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