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Ballers premieres Sunday, 10pm on HBO

Donovan Carter is a former UCLA defensive lineman and now one of the stars alongside Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson of the new HBO series Ballers, which explores the lives of several pro football players, their families, friends, and handlers.

Bossip: Do you read Bossip? What’s your favorite section?

DC: I love Bossip. I’m a fan of everything!

Bossip: How did you get the role on HBO’s Ballers?

DC: I got referred from my coaches from UCLA, I played football there. I followed up from there and went for the role and I eneded up getting it and being a main charcter on the show.

Bossip: How was it transitioning from a college football player to an actor?

DC: I didn’t have any acting experience at all. It was very challenging but everything I do, I like to give it my all. I took sometime out and took acting classes to perfect my craft so it can come easier to me.

Bossip: Talk to us about your character on Ballers.

DC: I play Vernon. He is a professional football player who is very family oriented and always wants to help his family out financially. With that of course there comes people who take advantage of him. From there he tries to budget his money and that’s where the Rock comes in to help him so he isn’t penniless when his football career is over.

Bossip: How was it working with the Rock?

 DC: It was amazing. He is a really nice guy. Real humble and hardworking and he made my transition from playing football to an actor easy because he was a football player himself also.

Bossip: Has the Rock given you any advice while working on the show?

DC: He told me you’re here for a reason we wouldn’t have brought you here if we didn’t believe in you. There was a couple times we would be shooting and I would be freaking out because I would be thinking, ‘man this is crazy I’m acting and I am in Miami!’ He was telling me that everyone here is a star and we’re all here to support you. He calmed me down and made me comfortable.

Bossip: Who is Donovan Carter listening to these days?

DC: Artist that get me hyped: Travis Scoot, Future, and Meek Mill.. I’m a huge Hip-Hop fan. Anything with a good beat you got me

Bossip: Celebrity crushes?

DC: I’d have to say Sanaa Lathan and she is classy and sexy, absolutely!

Bossip: What’s next for Donovan Carter?

DC: I want to be an actor and I am still going to take acting classes in hopes that i’ll get more roles. The sky is the limit. I want to be able to show my range and be respected in the entertainment industry.




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