The Gangsta Party

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Snoop was recently on Larry King and discussed his politics.

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  • ms jazz
  • lucky

    even sick i make the top 10 woah lol. snoop sounds like he has a brain in that head of his lol

  • bete

    Many celebs are interested in it. They are discussing it at lol

  • Bubothehater

    OMG! People are listening/seeking out his opinions on this type of stuff? he has a right to his opinion, but the fact that Larry King chose him to lob softballs at befuddles me. A man who hasn’t made a good CD since Doggystle is still relevant?

  • Z Phi Til I Die!!

    I watched the whole interview and was really surprised. I kinda expected that Snoop would spend the whole interview talking that “fashizzle my nizzle” talk. But he did an excellent job and I was really surprised that she discussed his infidelity. I thought it was a good interview and he handled the political questions very well.

  • Z Phi Til I Die!!

    I meant HE discussed his infidelity

  • imdone

    i hope he’s registered to vote

  • Kick Rocks!

    Uh-Oh my dawg snoop sounding intelligent and what not! Get it!

  • Lili

    LOL He’s on “medical marijuana”???? PLZ.


    I seen this Friday night I was very impressed with Snoop. He acted his age which is very close to my own. Its good to see these rapper that I grew up listening to evolve into intelligent middle aged men.

  • Ms. 305

    Snoop made me proud he was well spoken and mature.

  • Serious Sister

    I am pleasantly surprised!. Snoop is pretty articulate. Hearing him in other places he does not come off as very intelligent, this clip makes him sound like the husband,father, businessman he is.

  • Amarie4911

    You fools are no different than racist white people. Why are you surprised that a black man is intelligent? You shouldn’t be because most of the black men that I know are intelligent. And LMFAO at the dude who referred to Snoop as a middle-aged man. He’s not that old just yet.

  • tintin

    snoops the man

  • Keif K

    For another rapper who will surprise you with his intelligence check out

  • Lisa

    Snoop grew up that’s all and some are shocked about it. I just don’t like how Larry always points out Obama’s color, I mean point out McCain’s old ass age. America needs someone new, new blood-PERIOD.



    The reason people are surprised he is articulate is b/c he never is articulate… he projects his stage persona and that is what he gives and leaves people to think of him. ANSWERED.

    Maybe the rest of the rap world should heed; you guys have the entire planet hanging on every word you say, and everything you do, wear, go, etc… THE SPOT LIGHTS ARE ON YOU. Fame is very powerful; how do you choose to use it???

    plus he is hitting 40yrs old.

  • Z Phi Til I Die!!

    @ Lili,

    I thought the same thing about that medical marijuana. I was like “come on, Snoop.”

  • BellaY

    Way to go Snoop!

  • Z Phi Til I Die!!

    People aren’t saying they’re surprised because he’s black or a rapper. People are surprised because Snoop never presents himself as an articulate man. Like I said previously, he’s always doin’ that Fashizzle Ma Nizzle, it’s Snoop D O Double Gizzle mess, regardless of his surroundings. It’s nece to seem him act hia age. I’m sure no one would have been saying they were surprised if Common or Mos Def was on Larry King speaking articulately because we know they do.

  • Z Phi Til I Die!!

    Excuse the typos

  • LdyK

    go on snoop say it like an educated man …! i like how you didn’t tell who you really were voting for but we all know!


  • leslie

    @ super scrong

    i was recently on rock the vote’s website and in the requirements to vote it implied that as long as the convicted felon was not on parole or probation, s/he can register to vote

  • DM

    OBAMA in ’08 !!!

  • frida

    Snoop said, “As ANYBODY knows, every strong man needs a woman TO BE HIS BACKBONE so SHE basically probably was his mind & soul…” ,OMG! or Oh my “shashizzle” He’s an intelligent man!

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