New York Stand Up!!!!

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Posted by Bossip Staff

The New York Giants made it rain on the Patriots tonight in the Superbowl. New York won 17-14.

Discuss… Make sure you mention Plaxico Burress breaking down crying at the end. Classic.

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  • Zina {The original princess}

    First! I lost.

  • LeyLey23

    The closest I’ll ever be to first!

    I had the G-Men the whole time. I knew they wouldn’t do the same crap the second time around. Now all we need is for the Yanks to whip those punk Sox and we can reclaim our greatness!!!

  • Janelle

    Go head Nicole get it!!!

  • Janelle

    Michael isn’t dumb he knew he needed to go back to his roots!

  • young

    good game

  • LeyLey23

    I forgot about Plaxico. Yeah…that was a tad bit extra, but I guess since he was playing so beat in the beginning a tear or three were okay after he caught the winning TD. He just shouldn’t be in the camera next time when he needs a minute to compose himself.

  • Chelly D.

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!!! Giants!!! Never been this close to first!!! Feels oh so good!!! HAHA!!

  • World Gone Wild

    Im’a Eagles fan but Im’a give it up to NY.

    Good game!

  • Bronx Brawler

    I’ll see you at the parade if it’s NOT brick.

  • Janelle

    The game was amazing especially once it hit the 4th quarter

  • Maxx Julien

    Kudos to the Giants, Patriots 18-1 what a monumental L

  • BO$$IN


  • Look@urself

    gotta represent for the super bowl being in my town GLENDALE HOLLA

  • Harlem Chic

    From Arizona to the Polo Grounds….

    Uptown and what?

  • Jiggles


  • Qi-Qi

    I’m a Jersey Girl so go Giants. That parade is gonna be off da hook.

  • simmonsgurl

    More like Boston stand up!!!

    Still luv my PATS, the Giants are a good team and they def got lucky 2-nite…

    We still da best…!!! New England, baby!!!!!!!!!!

  • Real men can cry!

    So what is so wrong with a grown man crying? Stop the madness, people!

  • simmonsgurl

    oh and Plaxico??? Huh??? Neva heard of him until I saw his punk ass cryin at the end…Man Up!

    Go Pats!!!…18 and 1 baby….:)

  • Leah


    So happy for the Giants, no luck here, they outplayed the Pats, Brady never got smacked around so much in his life!

    That Giants D fense needs to get a MVP trophy too.

  • FyreStarrter (Live & in FULL Living Colour!!!)

    MAAAAAD Happy for the Giants. Alot of my family with they emigrated to the u.s. they settled in NYC so i have strong roots there. Out WHOLE family is MAAAAD happy & loving it. WE are relishing today because SO many people had written us off!!! I was so happy for Plaxico & Steamroll Strahan there were no words & when Plaxico broke down, I broke down right along with him! I love to see a grown man express his feelings & that just made me admire him even more than I already did. The resolve it took to play with TWO injuries AND have the game winning touchdown too?? AMAZING!!! The Human Spirit, AMAZING!!!!

  • Black Beauty

    I love how the Pats fans are saying the Giant’s got “lucky”. Just can’t except the fact the team is not perfect.

    There is nothing wrong with Burress crying. It takes a strong man to show his emotions. He has been through alot this season and he felt that win.

    I’m glad you picked Strahan as the face of the post. He finally got his ring! No need to retire, he still got it and is about to get PAID!

    Go Giants! I never doubted them. The whole team deserves major kudos!

  • Keif K

    Told ya so, pay up!

  • Thickity

    ah Chef your hate is inspirational. Whoo hoo Go Giants. Great catch Tyree, amasing!!

  • BAP Barbie

    The Superbowl was amazing this year!!! It was a nail biter!!! New York is in the f*cking house!!! We’re champions!!! I’m so proud!!!

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