Rumor Control: Tiffany Is Not Pregnant by Chingy

- By Bossip Staff

We got the word that Tiffany is not knocked up by Chingy as was recently reported. Lucky girl. Pop the hood

After rumors have surfaced that Tiffany
Torrence-Davis of BAD GIRLS CLUB is pregnant by artist/rapper Chingy. PR
Company Swank Publishing who represents Tiffany of BAD GIRLS CLUB is
confirming that she is not pregnant or carrying Chingy’s seed. She was
spotted with him at his birthday party in Chicago at exclusive Bowling
Alley Ten Pin.

That would’ve been the worse career move ever. Being a D-list rapper’s pregnant jump off won’t get you too far

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  • K.C.

    good for her

  • K.C.

    damn first again

  • Ian P

    Why is chingy still getting press?

  • STL Finest

    Because he is Ian P….

    Anywhoo, I tried to tell ya’ll go back and check the post

  • Airwolf

    Good for her cause it would be hard to tell that child that her daddy likes to take it like mommy

  • keekee

    Good. I don’t know why these girls thinking that getting pregnant by a rapper is going to make them famous or get them paid. Thrust a baby is here forever not chingy’s music career.

  • .........

    RIP to all the Chingy rumors and also RIP to all the prior bloggers who come and gone.

  • Blondie

    I really liked Tiffany when Bad Girls Club started. She seemed so laid back. But once she started trying to act so hard, she just made me sick. I hate people that expect to be feared because of where they’re from. (Boston, Chicago, Detroit, etc.) A tail-whopping aint got no area code on it. You betta ask somebody bout them deep-south farmhand chicks.

  • W

    That rumor was about as true as his career

  • Blondee

    If he’s D-List then she must be even lower that.

  • KoolAid

    Why does this chick need PR? Does she think she’s famous?

  • Blondie


    Glad to see I’m not in the minority. BTW, how’d you pick your screen name? That’s my birthday!!!

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    ^^^ OK Tiff…

  • Philly

    chingy is bi-sexual…and i heard he gives good head. look at his lips, if only they were used for good.

  • Toxicity

    I’m glad she didn’t bounce up on it without protection!

  • M@libu B@rbie

    who is Tiffany…..this is one big d-list couple…NEXT!!!!!

  • B.I.N.F.L...


  • Madame

    sleeping her way to the middle … smh


    At least she on a list. We are talking about her still.

  • Kayla

    I am happy for her no ones needs a baby these days.

  • nakiea

    good 4 her

  • nakiea


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