Are You Feelin This Get Up??: Lisa Raye

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lisa raye white shorts

Lisa Raye attended the Baby Phat fashion show this weekend rocking a short set/turtleneck fit in her signature white complete with the white pantyhose. We know there were some better white ensembles for Lisa to choose. Why the poofy shorts and white stockings?

More images from the event:

christina milian baby phatlaurieann gibsondamondash jimmyjonesvivica baby phat

Even more images right about now…

andreharrellcheri dennis babyphatandre leon talley

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  • Lisa

    Horrible! All aroud horrible!

  • spicy


  • Bird

    Ya know, I actually think it’s cute, but the boots aren’t doing anything for me. They should have been funkier and brown wasn’t the way to go. I’d have played with some funky color and pattern in the boots.

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    I think LisaRaye is a beautiful woman but if you can’t find a cute fit in white there is nothing wrong with color. Besides the whole all white thing is played. And she’s a first lady now, she should leave the past behind and just be herself.

  • elle

    no don’t like that outfit….

  • breath

    I seem to see her profile on ‘Rich kis s. co m’. It’s a celebrity dating site. Many celebrities such as Charlie Sheen etc. have found great dates or love there. Maybe she’s lonely and looking for a new relationship there. Who knows?

  • Guilty Pleasure

    I like the outfit, but I do not like the stockings and boots with it.

  • I'm Just Me

    WTF????? Why do Dame Dash and Jim Jones always look high and dirty?? That is not a good look and what is up with that hat on his head???

    Why does Cherie dennis always looked like she was just getting some before the pics?

    The rest are a mess…and these people are supposed to be trendsetters???? IDTS (I don’t think so)

  • Momo

    LisaRaye is normally one of the best dressed ladies….but white hose are a no-no for anyone over the age of 12.

  • Coa Coa

    sigh* lisa lisa lisa we gotta do better

  • idontknow
  • yellow valley

    whuddup with all those chicks with the “that’s the word for Officer Bird” legs swag?!?

  • Kimy

    everyone who attended looked horrible, i guess thats the new look from babyphat!

  • jo

    Lisa looks like shes wearing an adult diaper. The outfit is ugly & out of season. Shes wearing white with, brown boots,black purse,& white stockings. WRONG!!

  • haha

    “look mommy, no pants!”

  • uptowngirl


  • uptowngirl

    Not so much on the fit

  • victory is mine

    white hose are only for young kids and nurses.

  • PRTTYBRWNGIRL (commenting on dumb ass people who dont realize their own hypocrisy)

    i personally am not feeling it .. but somehow despite the old lady usher stockings .. she is sort of pulling it off

  • MDS


  • Missy

    Is Damon Dash and Jim Jones Related ? They look like twins.

  • PaigeyWaigey

    So she’s working for the circus now? Good look…lol Clowns scare me…:)

  • Traydayz

    I bought some pantaloons like that. For my baby to go under her sundress. Not a good look for a grown-azz woman!

  • Lili


    Lisa looks like shes wearing an adult diaper. The outfit is ugly & out of season. Shes wearing white with, brown boots,black purse,& white stockings. WRONG!!

    ^^I think that says it all.

  • bree

    um i like the top of her outfit..she shoulda wore it with would have looked soooooooo much better..and her white stockings look whorish

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