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Via RawStory:

During a discussion about mass shootings in the United States, Fox News host Martha MacCallum said the country’s cultural diversity may be a contributing factor to their high frequency.

The discussion took place on today’s broadcast of the Fox News program, America’s Newsroom with guests Marjorie Clifton, former Obama campaign consultant, and journalist Mary Katherine Ham talking about often-cited factors like mental health and gun control laws.

At the 3:40 mark in video procured by Media Matters, after discussing shootings in Norway and the Czech Republic, MacCallum makes the remark.

“Now it may be statistically, Mary Katherine, that it has happened here more,” she says. “That may be because of the kind of society we are. We have a lot of different cultures living here together. We’re a very unique society and that’s a very wonderful thing, in large part. But that may be a contributing factor here.”

SMH. So it’s Black folks’ fault for living too close to white people? So by her logic, maintaining segregation would have just kept everything calm and peaceful…since that worked SO WELL the first time around. SMH.



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