Mama I Want To Sing

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is the promo poster for Ciara’s upcoming film “Mama I Want to Sing”. We’re interested to see how this one turns out for Ciara, singing and acting without any matrix inspired dance moves involved.

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  • p.willy

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Hmmm, I’ll watch it when it airs on BET

  • angel

    I like Ciara. I’ve seen her profile with several pix on a dating site named It is for millionaires and celebrities.

  • Beeyah!

    So Lynne Whitfield doesn’t want to age huh ?

  • elle

    can ciara sing like the girl in this show blows?

    if anyone can remember the actual play that girl can really blew, clear, crisp chords.

  • elle

    opps: if anyone ca remember that actual play, that girl blew clear, crisp chords.


    Awww how sweet

  • idontknow
  • Kimy

    I guess everyone is an actress these days.

  • jen

    Is it just me or is anyone else familiar with the original play? The girl that played Ciar’s part ( cna’t remember her name)was famous for hitting alot of hight notes. I have not heard Ciara hit a note that high yet. But good for her.

  • jen

    @elle I didin’t see what you wrote but I agree, that girl was fierce.. Was her name Desiree something? Help! I now need the answer so I can google her.

  • lancendc

    Jen, I do believe that girl was Stephanie Mills.

  • Angel_Minded

    There’s a trailor on youtube that I saw on another site, and Ciara was singing in the background. Her voice is a lot stronger but…I really wasn’t impressed…so I’ll catch it on cable.


    go ci ci do ure thang

  • The Goddess

    Wow, this is the first I’ve heard of this. I like Ciara so I wish her luck with her acting debut.

  • elle

    Desiree Coleman, she married Mark Jackson former Knick player.

  • PaigeyWaigey

    When did Ciara start singing???? Que tape…cause her ass can’t sing better than a cat stuck in the rain…

  • Lili

    LOL…This just makes me think of “Little Magic” on In Living Color, cuz you know her voice ain’t that strong…

    I guess it’s better than RiRi trying to act/sing though…lol

  • bree

    i hope she is lipsynching

  • Grace

    Ok…….I really want to know how they plan to pull this one off. I saw the original production. Ciara’s character can blow. Ciara is a dance artist not a singer.

  • Lovely Queen

    @ elle & jen

    I actually saw the play when I was a little girl and the original girl can “sing”…not just carry a tune. I hope Ciara finds a vocal teacher because her voice needs to be much stronger to successfully play the part.

  • elle


    that’s what I’m saying that girl blew those notes out of the water.

    I heard she(the original singer)can actually make crystal break with her high pitch, though I’ve never seen that happen in person. I heard it did happen.

  • The Diva has spoken

    Beyonce and Kelly must have turned the role down.

  • chloe

    …………sounds like another “Glitter” movie.

  • k-

    Yeah I also saw the original as a child and that girl could “SANG”! Seems like there would have been a lot better choice than Ci Ci, But I am pretty excited about seeing it, since the original was so loong ago!

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