One Classy Broad

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is Lil Mo at the Baby Phat fashion show this weekend. Feel free to share your thoughts, we have no comment except, “nice rack”.

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  • helltothanaw


  • haha

    color me shocked with a crayola washable

  • idontknow

    lol smh at lil mo

    check this out!

  • helltothanaw


    color me shocked with a crayola washable


  • I'm Just Me

    I am not feeling the tattoo….who took this pic and why…this is a hot mess.

    I didn’t know Star Jones was still with Al Reynolds. WOW!! Well I am glad to see it worked out afterall…

  • elle

    this is exactly why I can’t stand multiple tattoos all over the place. Especially on women.


  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)


    Ladies that s#it is not cute….

    For your info. when some guys see that they think:

    (1) HOODRAT

    (2) future baby mama drama

    (3) this broad will cut me if I f%ck up

    (4) she’s good in bed

    *And she’s blowing big bubbles with her gum like a lil’ girl…

  • http://n686566290_517575_435 Re

    …if someone can just help me understand the eye make-up…

  • Ibn

    sup with her makeup and why she look like she got that outfit from a HOODSTORE NEAR YOU…


    I like Chrisette Michelle but her face looks a lil off in that photo, or is it just ME?

  • Lil Latte

    Looks like an outfit from Dots….

  • jo

    I never knew she had all those tattoos. They do look kinda sloppy. Whats with the drawn on eyelashes? Oh well she still has a beautiful voice.

  • KJ

    Why do grown women insist on behaving like little children? This is so TACKY. She looks like she has the mentality of a child too.

  • PrettyMissSunshine


  • PrettyMissSunshine

    Why was she even invited? lol

  • yellow valley

    prisoner #093562R tatted that garbage on her arm, that’s “Keepin It Real” 4 ya! Girl, keep that Hep C kit on hand!

  • Lady Architect

    ewww her tats looks nasty and cheap…she’ll never get a job outside the entertainment industry…matter fact she has no job in the entertainment industry right about now….anyways chrisette looks better with the shorter hair 2 me rather than the normal long weaves they put on every industry girl.

  • Vinandi

    Blood diamond doesnt look to hot with that goatee, come on Kimora, sort ur man’s style out!!

  • victory is mine

    That look is so unattractive and I see so many young girls now with tats all over their arms. Like a man once told me years ago. If a woman gets a tattoo put it in a place where it will be a surprise. Somewhere private, never on the arms, it makes you look like a trucker.


    it looks like she let a couple of kids draw on her very tacky

  • PaigeyWaigey

    I hope Lil Mo’s tats are not a surprise to anyone up in here, she’s been rocking that BS for years now…looks like she did it she woke up and was like “hmmmmm I think today I will put a tat on my……..arm back fat…yeah that’s a good spot!” And yes that outfit is straight outta Dots or Rave…are times that tough Lil Mo’?

  • PRTTYBRWNGIRL (commenting on dumb ass people who dont realize their own hypocrisy)

    you aint “hollywood” til you learn how to hold your lil fashion accessory dog w/o exposing all the pink meat .. chrisette aint ready

  • Ricky tha Sicky

    Rumor has it, is that Lil’ Mo is currently going out with Super Scrong Black Man.


    seeing as though she got all her jewerly from ICING (the mariah carey line) im not shocked that she stopped in Dots or Rave to pick up a fit lol

  • FyreStarrter (Live & in FULL Living Colour!!!)

    OMG I love Lil Mo’s voice (girl can REALLY blow but..) This schitt is beyond psycho!!! She looks a complete mess there. I have always said that if I am ever so inclined to get a tattoo that I will get one where only a SELECT few would ever be able to see it & this just solidifies why. She cannot get a job outside the industry looking like that h3ll she can’t even model like that (the industry HATES tattoos ladies & gents remember that)!!!! EWWW EWW EWW EWW

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