Remember Me: All Kinds of Grey Hair and Prestige

- By Bossip Staff

That is DJ Red Alert youngsters, not Fred Sanford. All the old school cats came out to B.B. Kings’ Night of Hip Hop Legends. Keith Murray, Red Man and Meth, EPMD and a grip more.

Pop it…

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  • Blondee


  • *MiSsUnderSto0d*

    damn lol

  • What had happened was....


  • What had happened was....

    Ok so maybe not first… but WOW!!!!!!! What happened to DJ Red Alert. If hip-hop ever needed a pension plan…

  • always knew

    DJ RED ALERT looks horrible…

    Rappers def need a retirement plan..



    Red held it down in the day on kiss fm….. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. with him and chuck chill out down the aisle on WBLS,…. man those were the days.

  • Laugheter cures it all

    DAYUM, put the pipe down…

  • HaitianSurvivor

    my boy needs to hit gym to slow the aging process.. it seems like he’s falling apart goddamn


    ya’ll crazy as hell talkin bout they need a pension place for rapper and dj….lol…..

    he do look like fred sanford….wit no teffes….lol

  • http://bossip tuwanna

    my bad ,why expect him to look young now.

  • sushine20745

    he looks related to Fred Sanford….just say no to crack! with his teeth looking jacked up..he doens’t even have to open his mouth to chew…slide dem burgers right through dem gaps..Dj red alert: get some clippers and go see a good dentist…he leaves fabulous and diddy in the dust with dem bad boyz!

  • Re

    Dude looks like a jack-o-lantern.

  • Re

    Sweaty azz pumpkin.

  • Just Sayin

    Did yal see the pictures of DJ ass-she knuckles?

  • Just Sayin

    @ Re

    Sweaty azz pumpkin.


  • JB Cougarlicious - In Luv wit a Male Stripper named....


    Can he even get a dental impression anymore?

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!! Lev 20:13


  • Dumplin


  • cyber critic

    He looks like he’s been living hard. Jim Jones is next if he doesn’t slow down and take care of himself. There should be a make over show for old heads like him.


    Y’all don’t know what y’all talking ’bout. That’s Glok9n’s long-lost daddy. Boy, run go kiss your pops ‘hello’!

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!! Lev 20:13



    Stop acting like you don’t know that man, pea-shooter. You know damn well you dah froot of his pork loins.

  • rome a.k.a. (Fu#k! Da Diaz Bruddaz)

    Damn!!!!! Cooooooooooooooooooool DJ Red Alert ain’t

    so cool no more!! what ya’ll know bout that!

  • $moK.E.Y.

    AAAAH man! Bruah get soem veneers or pull them two rotten tooth you got left out and rock some dentures

    First Demi Moore and now him

    dammit ya’ll!!!!

  • Illuminate Truth

    Daaaaaaaamn…not Red Alert!! That brotha kept the cassette tape industry in business back in the day…..but damn…he looking hella old.

    Looking at him makes me think of Mississippi blues….not hip hop. Stick a harmoncia in his mouth and the look is complete.

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