Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

- By Bossip Staff

Not sure what to think of Estelle’s dress at the MOMA’s Party in the Garden in NYC. Looks like a fancy bed sheet that two sizes too small. Come on girl, step up your game. Pop the hood for more party pics including a vibrant looking Kelis and a colorful Dania Ramirez

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  • Blondee

    Wow….paper bag

  • jk

    why diana ramirez always got that coke head frozen stare look

  • VexInTheCity

    Dress is horrible and I thought she had braces fitted to fix her teeth. Evidently not.

    Her ego has inflated 10-fold since “making it” stateside.

  • twinkle

    Lord please forgive me. Estelle needs sleep and a refund from her orthodontist.

  • melo

    She’s a weirdie…

  • Nat

    I like Estelle’s voice and all but I am sorry this child is ugly. It is her huge gums and teeth that make her look ugly. All the make-up in the world cannot help her.

  • Moreaces

    It’s Okay, she looks cute in it

  • Manuel

    Where is da circus clown????*%#@

  • sushine20745

    do any of these celebs ever look in da mirror? however is telling her: look good..needs to get fired and find yourself some real friends who will tell you the truth! looks like something that was made in high school sewing 101!

  • Jade Hummingbyrd

    Estelle’s gotta keep those braces on for a minimum of 2 more years for them joints to make a noticeable difference. I suppose she might decide to work on the tooth to gum ratio during that time as well.

    Kelis is glowing…good for her.

  • bay girl

    com on estelle my luv u could do better!



  • enkogkneegro

    She may be a very nice younglady with a good heart and thats all that should matter……..buuuuuuut damn she ugly as a muffuga, as a muffuga, ugly as a muffuga……Photoshop that outfit on the geico lizard and darken the lizard a whole lot and damned if it wouldn’t be her twin…….

  • WIFEY06

    damn she just set the UK fashion industry back a decade or two.. 80’s

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    That girl always looks a mess. She’s already not a looker… You would think she’d at least DRESS the part!

  • nikki

    I know what your thinking about fashion and runway stuff. We were that. But in the stores over the pond, there is eclectic fashion like this…umm…no thats not good either…ahh..trendsetting..get up! Its 2009 goes retro european.

  • http://darkandlovely pride

    I like her music may be she needs glasses….

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