Pitbull Lays a Dude Out Onstage

- By Bossip Staff

Pitbull isn’t the man to mess with. He knocked ole boy out for tossin’ dollars in his face while performing onstage. Pop the lid for the vid

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  • Ken Bleek #1 Fan


    305 Lays it down!

  • Mo B

    what was dude thinkin?

  • Ken Bleek #1 Fan

    Did he think he was in CoCo’s tossin Dollars?

  • http://perttyblackg@netscape.com prettyblackg

    keep it real pitbull, don’t take no disrespect

  • Nigga Said

    And didnt miss a beat.

  • $moK.E.Y.


  • http://none PrettyRosy

    Gotta love Pitbull. Representin Miami to the fullest!

  • Brown Like Viola Davis

    who cares

  • MsEducation

    Hellz yeah..that’s what I’m talking about.. he put his hands on dude and still didn’t mess up his verse! Lmao..pitbull is a beast!

  • blackbeltshopper

    Why did he pull the guy up? He was quick on the draw though..smh..he could’ve been stabbed,shot..or anything..those celebs are too trusting..when will they learn it’s haters and fans in the same crowd!!

  • MsEducation

    Lol…and he wearing a suit and still managed to stump dude out!

  • please

    yeah and he keeped it moving ole boy didnt mess up a thing

  • mel

    @sunshine20745, It looks like he was giving hand shakes and this guy didn’t let his hand go, because you can see pitbull try to get going but the man hops on stage…and bascially throw something, and pitbull just lays him out…point blank

  • http://www.vuitton.com Tan

    i’m trying to figure out why he pulled him on stage?maybe dude was messing with him from where he was standing and he thought he’d bring em up and make an example outta him.

    he didn’t miss a beat for sure,lol.then he kicked him before the bodyguard moved him away.

    i smell a law suit in 5,4,3 2…..

  • lovexgame


  • cterry511

    look like a set up to me. why pull the dude up. there? unless he a homo?

  • kahmmillion

    Pitbull gonna be coughing up some stacks pretty soon.


    WOW I’ll give it to him tho, he does know how to multi-task 😉

  • imhim

    305 all day! LIBERTY CITY!

  • ahahahahahah

    It didn’t look like the guy meant it disrespectfully as he was still jumping around after he threw the cash. Throwing at and showering a dude with cash are two very different things though.

    Tap that jaw and straight back to the delivery. M.I.A style.

  • Mabel

    Will there be a lawsuit now?

  • dwebb

    Pitbull was only trying to give dap to the guy in the audience. The guy proceeded to pull Pitbull down so Pit pulled him up instead. That led to the on-stage disrespect and Pitbull flattened him out. Period.

  • Manuel

    hahahaha…..I luv Pittbull…..he delivers better than UPS…………….lol

  • http://Bossip Brittany( todays my bday!!)


  • PRPPLE, just call me TADOW

    uno, cinco, trez!

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