Fill in The Blank: Alicia Keys at the Super Bowl Pre-Show

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is Alicia Keys performing at the Superbowl pre-game show last night.

FILL IN THE BLANK: One thing you have to say about AK is she is ___________.

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    FIRST!! —– LAST!!


  • http://Lycos Monotheistic Proof

    Remove Mic Radio insert Mono!

  • wtfever

    WANTED bad as hell 4 starters

  • Ms. Lovely

    I would hit the sh!t out of that a@@.

    Ms. Lovely

  • Ibn

    Lookin a hotmess with those dollar store leopard prints

  • JC

    Bad as hell.

  • http://Lycos Monotheistic Proof


    Ms. Lovely we haven’t met charmed to meet you.

  • bree

    a great performer..i didnt watch the pre-game show, but if it was anything like her 07 AMA performance, im sure it was hot

  • Kai

    Outta her damn mind posin’ off like that…WTF?!?

  • Kai

    GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Jerzee

    …an absolute dime!

  • Flat Ass

    Can we say butt pads and tummy trimmers???

  • KnowYourABCs

    One thing you have to say about AK is she is ___________.

    …not paying her stylist or her hair dresser enough, now they’re paying her back by making her look like a $2 hooker.


    She knows how to put on a show…….

  • http://Lycos Monotheistic Proof

    @Flat Ass

    Can we say please buy a seeing eye dog, he can show you a good leg to hump… Gabriel

  • Tamra Smith

    FILL IN THE BLANK: One thing you have to say about AK is she is rocking her ass off on the mike!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Lycos Monotheistic Proof

    @Flat Ass

    Or you could be a woman? Shall I say Haterietta.

  • Nastyboss

    It also bothers me that pretty girls poo……I dont believe it.

    I dont see alicia keys taking a crap, shes too pretty for that!

  • Cage

    She looks like she gettin the booty tooted up properly for me… Doggystyle is one of Americas favorite positions! A.K. i’ll see you soon ma

  • BigDawg

    AK is comfortable with having no ass!


    Damn! I wanna do something to that girl right there! I need to hit that. Once and she’ll be turned out! Her family wont recognize her anymore.


    one thing you have to say about AK is that she:

    1. will never come out of the closet

    2. will never come out of the closet

    3. has Queen Latifah as her role model

    4. will never come out of the closet

    5. will never find the right shade of foundation to match her skin tone.

  • trs

    The hotness! I love me some Akeys!

  • Smartie


    I bet Mariah Carey crosses her legs when she goes.

  • Lady Architect

    She’s a great performer!

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