New Couple: Drake and Teyana?

- By Bossip Staff

First Rihanna and now Teyana? Drake moves fast doesn’t he? Pop the lid for more pics of the new couple

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  • Bad Uterus

    This girl has a pancake face – seriously not cute.
    Drake needs to find himself a cuter jumpoff.

  • Yes Indeed

    that’ dude’s ugly


    AHHHHH What’s that LOUD NOISE????!?!?!

    o…just this story SCREAMING publicity stunt.

    She doesn’t even like boys and he said he wishes he could f**k every girl in the world….where does love fit in?


    what does he sing/rap…..he is on my facebook…my lil cuzin put me as his fan…


    WHO is dis Drake dude?? What is his claim to fame?

  • MsMarks

    Drake said he’s like Pac “I get around…”lol

  • bmore chick

    Thats cause he was never with RiRi

  • Tay

    i highly doubt they go out, they look more like friends in these pics

  • Frog-a-licious

    I thought she was going out with some basketball guy?

  • Re

    Drakes hairline starts on his nose.

  • The Consigliere

    Drake can rap and sing…. it’s both a blessing and a curse that he’s a young money artist though

  • K-mia

    he is ugly but he can do better than teyana…i think they are just friends anyway

  • Re

    Drakes hair is like a cap pulled down too far over his face…


    Drake’s damn UGLY!!! This non name brand guy needs to get a hobby!!!

  • Nigga Said

    I cant figure out if Teyana Taylor is cute with ugly features or ugly with cute features.

  • specialist

    he’s not signed to young money. he’s just affiliated. he’s signed to interscope.

  • young

    Drake IS NOT signed to cash money. he is waiting on a huge deal to come through with a major label.
    and i hope to god he isn’t dating ol girl.
    her mannerisms is too manly

  • Miss_S

    @ young

    well damn, Wikipedia needs to update their shiit..i thought they were up to date…lol

  • Erica

    Besides her horrible attitude her nose and lips are killing me. Drake……he I will have to get used to eventually

  • itzzzkimmm

    That is so damn gross. Drake can do soooo much better. Teyana Taylor is a MAN!!! She is the ugliest woman I’ve seen.

  • Nia

    He is hideous..I thought he was cuter that this? That nose is NOT the business.

  • hellonursenancy

    I thought Drake was ugly. To me, Teyana is cute and can do way better. This little girl has a sick-ass body on her and style for days.



  • lean

    this is mean 2 sit around and call ppl ugly all willy nilly! The beauty is in the eye of the beholder….YA’LL R A BUNCH OF HATERS!!!!!!!! Damn! okay if he’s ugly stop looking at him and posting stuff online! DAMN! he doesnt need your approval and neither does she!

  • KoolAid

    Teyana had one single that I know of titled “Google Me” or something like that. Before then, she was on an episode of My Super Sweet 16. Normally on that show, there is some sort of celebrity affiliation or some claim to wealth. But on her episode, I never caught who exactly she is and where her money comes from. So, I guess she gave her single the right title cuz after all that, I still don’t know who she is.

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