Segregated Proms in the South

- By Bossip Staff

Who knew ish like this was still going on? Segregated proms in the year 2009 when we have a Black President and First Lady? Come on. Stop the madness. Pop the hood for more

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  • rome a.k.a. (Fu#k! Da Diaz Bruddaz)

    On top again!!!!!


    the south is wild…..2nd

  • sushine20745

    WTF? seriously…why haven’t the parents stepped up to the school system or talk to a congressman in their state…this is flat out crazy!

  • .........

    white folks are really racist and black men need to realize this. i know a white girl whos parents told her she can have black friends but never date a black guy, as soon as she got to college the first guy she slept with was black and shes has been chasing him since>

  • Airwolf

    believe me there are far worse things in the south than a segregated prom

  • Marquis de Sade

    Well you can’t blame the white young’ns on this one. Who wants to spend their whole prom dancin’ to Skanky leg or Loli Pop?

  • BlondeBombshell

    WTF- I am white and I know that ain’t right!

  • 2dimplzs

    I read that story with total disbelief. It’s really sad that people would rather hold on to racist “traditions” than to open up their minds and hearts and accept everyone regardless of their color. It’s the WHITE PARENTS who are clinging on to their ignorant, racist views not the kids. The kids feel obligated to go along with them because they know if they don’t they’ll be shunned by their family. How sad that the world is still so full of hatred and ignorance.

    Like the one young person said, these white kids are going to encounter black people regardless of where they go. There are black people who go to college too! How stupid and sad.

  • Pryncess

    ummm…I live in the South and from the South. It’s not that bad. Yeah, we have small towns like this that things like this still go on, but I mean really…they have a graduating class of 54 students. That tells you how big their town is. Yes, racism is still alive EVERYWHERE, but this extreme is mostly limited to the rural towns, in every part of the country. Not just the South.

  • Renny

    So what! Ya’ll house negroes make me sick. I don’t see a thing wrong with folks having their own proms. At my diverse school different groups held their own shindig. The Albanian kids had a small thing with just them, the Koreans did the same thing so did the black students. I don’t see the problem.

  • missunderstood

    What is the point in being segregated 1 night out of an entire year/high school career? If anything, this town ought to go ahead and draw the lines and tell them what it really is – a “reminder” of the segregation that is still prevalent through out the south and other areas. Call a ‘spade a spade’, so to speak…
    The article touches on what all of the black kids said and thought, but I wonder what the white kids, whose parents are opposing the integrated proms think? Everyone wants to believe racism is a thing of the past, a cliche, something for black folks to “get over”, or that it simple does not exist. I say to you, unequivocally, racism is alive and well in this country. The more covert people try to make it, the more overt it becomes.
    Say what you want , but if that were not true, then we wouldn’t be here – ——>segregated proms<——-
    This is so sad, on so many levels….

  • hommie

    Where is this in the south ?. That why I could never live in the south. California living all my life.

  • missunderstood

    @ Pryncess -I live in the South and from the South. It’s not that bad.
    Just that statement in and of itself lends credence to the fact that not only is racism still @ full throttle, in some places, it is tolerated and expected. For you to have to make the distinction that it’s not “that bad” says a mouth full… Not “that bad” as what, the prom issue, or not as bad as say, a Jena Louisiana, or a Japser Texas? What is it not as bad as? I don’t get it. Do you mean that at least they don’t call you n*gger to your face any more???
    Oh, BTW, I live in the south (TX) too, and make no excsue for the behavior. Shoot, even the latinos are racist against blacks here…

  • B

    Obama being in office doesn’t mean shit. King got the Nobel Peace prize at what, 36 and they still killed him in America. Listen, don’t worry about them whites. The Saudis, Japan and China are the REAL superpowers on this planet. Hell, we can’t even make our social security payments without money from them. That’s right, whites can’t get their retirement benefits from Uncle Sam unless they go crawling to the Arabs and the Asians for cash. Pathetic.

  • K.C.

    People only do to you what you let them do! The more they go along with this foolishness, the longer, thw “people” are going to continue this charade! Theyre showing theyre weak! And if thts how they wanted to be portrayed thats on them! When u do nothing, u get nothing!

  • http://yahoo SERIOUSLY

    A bunch of illerate white people. Who would want to mix with them anyway

  • Souljagir

    Montgomery County isn’t that far south from DC’s chcolate City! here’s the kick I went to HD Woodson and never had one white student in there nor my elementary or middle school so I don’t know what it is to experience that but I went on to marry a white guy so nature will happen. They can organize their own interracial prom both white and black students with out the help of the white parents!

  • livelifelove

    K.C. you have a point. But you also have to understand you can’t stop them from having a party. Legally, the only thing you can do is have them remove the name of the school from the party.
    My high school principal restricted the group from using the schools name, stopped them from fund raising on campus and prohibited teachers from supporting the group. There is no legal action that can change how people think.

  • This some shhhh...

    @ livelifelove.- Good point.

    Other posters negative comments on the South.

    Racism is not restricted to the south, it exist everywhere. East Coast, West Coast, everywhere. Just like stupidity.

  • marie

    i am from georgia and our prom was mixed and since i can remember if not 30 years back has been that way and no one who was white exploded after it was over! it doesn’t surprise me at all that it’s still going on. most southern whites have and always be stubborn when it comes to integrating their children with minority children but they fail to realize that once they are 18 and are off to college, its a different life. i had a friend who was from indiana and he never had any black friends, most of his family was racist and the best part was he was gay! he came down to south carolina for college and most of his friends, including me are black, latino, and asian. for the life of him, he couldn’t understand why his family couldn’t see what he saw. it is sad but the truth is even with integration, some people will never change.

  • MsRitaBabie

    This is madness it’s 2009 WTF

  • Rae

    This isn’t indicative of the south as a whole. Like someone stated above…northern racism is hidden…trust me.


    Let’s be real: people like to feel important. Most people (of any race) like to feel like they’re better than someone so they can puff out their chest and feel warm inside. That fact in itself is one of two reasons racism has lasted this long. Reason #2: satan constantly on a mission to divide and conquer.

    White people needed something to make themselves feel a cut above and skin color is what they chose. Their reasoning? Dark is bad and bright is right. And as silly and trivial as that sounds, white people will forever hold onto that tiny laughable difference in skin color to make themselves feel better.

    It’s hilarious really and I find it hard to get too offended over the little silly things like this article because of how ridiculous it all really is. Grown folk just acting as ignorant and childish as ever and then wonder why the world is going to hell in a handbasket when they set no kindof example for the future generation.

    But at the end of the day, most people are guilty of wanting to feel like their better than someone. Rappers do it every day when they brag about how much more money they have than the next man. Females do it to other females when they tear each other down from head to toe. Men do it to their wives/girlfriends when they cheat, but would hit the roof if their wives/girlfriends cheated on them.

    It’s all just about feeling better than and more important than. And if that feeling is the most important thing in life, people will continue to be ass*holes. That’s just the way it is. Racism and similar ignorance will never ever end.

  • chaka1

    This isn’t just racism, this is about CONTROL. The parents want to control the school, the community and the children. They don’t want things to change because they fear they might lose something.

    In modern times, white folks’ hatred of black people isn’t so much based on skin color, it lies in their fear of losing control of their established way of life. It’s called white privilege.

  • misty

    omg!!! is this 4 real?! in AMERICA???? wow!! there is ALOT of work 2 b done! this is more than sad!!!!!

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