Some Afternoon Swirl Engagements: Terrance Howard Pops Question

- By Bossip Staff

The lil’ Columbian piece that Omarion was rubbing against in their movie Feel the Noise, Zulay Henao,  just became engaged to her her simp of a man, Terrance Howard:

Iron Man star Terrence Howard asked gorgeous girlfriend Zulay Henao to marry him — and she said yes. On location in Prague filming Red Tails, the 40-year-old father-of-three was joined by Henao in Europe, where he popped the question.

Though never officially confirmed as a couple, the star has been seen with the Colombian actress/Maxim pin-up girl at numerous events. He was previously married twice to the same woman, Lori McCommas. Howard said that he fell in love with Henao, who helped him recover after his mother’s death.

How old is this chick? Can’t find her age info anywhere on the net! Terrance must be at least 10 years her senior, he is 40, she doesn’t look 26! We guess…


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  • MsRitaBabie

    Who cares

  • pistol whipped

    You would think this man would hate his mother because he is not bringing any thing home that looks like her.

  • Hater

    @Pistol Whipped

    What sort of freak are you? Are you really suggesting man should be banging a clone of his mum uuhhhhhhh!

    Funny how no one cusses out, halley, kerry or any other black women who swirls.

  • shoneydip

    i thought he was married? i guess not…

  • Brianne

    Why does she look like Alicia Keys in this picture?

  • enkogkneegro


    Save your breath as far as the sistas up in here not nuttin up on ole boy, he’s commited the ultimate sin against the black woman……god forbid he find love outside his race…..hold on he’s not….he’s of a mixed race coupling…..LOL. And yes its always a none issue when a sista swirls outside her race, I’m of the mind that if they like it I love it because it really has no effect on my life…..



  • hellonursenancy

    She’s gorgeous! I never considered this “swirling”, though, because Zulay is a woman of color (wow, she doesn’t look Colombian, though, more Puerto Rican or Costa Rican in the features), but more power to them. They look awesome together.

  • Whatever

    Damn, I would pop the question to her too!

  • Brea

    He does not like black women so……but she is pretty though!

  • the truth is

    i see he got an upgrade
    she is bad as hell

  • 2dimplzs

    If he likes it I love it. He doesn’t strike me as someone that is stable in the mind, but that’s for her to deal with now isn’t it??

    I wonder if the first wife has tried to warn her…..not that she has to or anything…..I guess she can find out just how crazy this nicca is on her own!

  • Young Obama

    Duh he would be stupid not to. She’s a dimepiece for real. Nice pickup Terrance.

  • WIFEY06

    If their momma was white they get a pass- they can’t help it…

    He’ll be another broke one…….

  • Trini Bwoy

    If they are going to hate on you give them something to hate on.
    She’s hotter than hell.

  • Wanjiru

    …I HATE this guy…seriously, he just rubs me the WRONG WAY!!!…



  • ihopethishelpspeople

    she looks alright. something is wrong with him though.

  • da troof

    DIME. Look at that waist!

  • CinEffinRella

    I’m mad she stole that dress from Tisha Campbell’s homecoming performance in School Daze! LOL “OOOOh I don’t wanna be alone tonight!”

  • StephSteph

    Shes cute and I like that dress for some reason. He seems like a big a**hole but he’s cute despite his hairline being shaped up right

  • Smoovee Sayz

    LMAO @ CinEffinRella…damn that was a good 1.
    I wont front she is bad:) Good job Terrance.
    I kinda liked him and Naomi together too

  • unknown

    I feel sorry for her.

  • ukFUnKy

    DAMN! another one bites the dust! o well ….. c’est la vie !

  • sumlikeithott

    CinEffinRella u took the words out of my mouth!!!

  • VA666

    DEAD at CinEffinRella’s comment. I can’t even believe you peeped that! lol

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