Bugs and Paris Still BFF’s

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

50 Cent is denying that he told Paris Hilton to “Get the fu*k off my stage” at a recent pre-Super bowl party:

DJ Whoo Kid, who was on stage with 50 Cent at the event stated, “It’s no way we would kick Paris Hilton off the stage… We ain’t (sic) that heartless. I know 50 hates Ja Rule and Fat Joe, but he ain’t that heartless to throw Paris Hilton… off the stage.”

50 on the statement, “Somebody called me and asked me if Paris got kicked off. I was like, ‘Huh?’ She was dancing the whole time. She was having a good time. We hung with her afterwards. I guess people wanna hear, ‘50 threw Paris Hilton off the stage.’ “

That’s too bad, because the thought of Paris’ herpes ass getting kicked off the stage sounded like pure comedy. Something was a little fishy with that story though, since we are fully aware of No Cent’s love for the racist cokewhore.


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  • Daniscu

    waht’s up

  • Darth Paul

    Harlem Chic- are you saying 50 bangin Paris will get him ANY of Paris’ cash? You need a serious wake up call, if so.

    I’m not surprised by this. 50’s a roided up, degenerate hooker. Let him have all the STDs he wants.

  • dicko

    That doesnt even make sense why does he need her money he has far more money than she does anyway far more.


    Not a good look for either of them…



  • Soul Cry

    If it bleeds it leads. Number one motto in publication and broadcast.

    Sad that we hunt for this stuff like vampires and lap it up.

    Could care less if he did do it, but find it funny that we crave this stuff.

  • Black to tha Bone

    50 Cent is well known for having a blonde preference. Its one of the few things about him I respect. No way he’d dare kick her off a stage.

    Any straight red blooded brotha would let Paris call us nigger as long as we’re getting a taste of that sweet sticky thang. Now thats real.

  • Black to tha Bone

    Ha you’re tripping son. They keep us in check is what and we gratefully receive. I’ve taken all sorts of racial abuse from white women before, during and after sex acts and it’s been worth it every damned time. Whatever works I say. LOL

  • Mona

    @Black to tha Bone you need a friggin reality check. Paris is racist as hell and just because you go to the club with somebody don’t been you’re taking them home to meet grandpappy Conrad Hilton…. and PH and got all the loot people think she has and it definetly ain’t old since said granpappy wrote her embarrasing ass out the will.

    You need to stop the self hatred Black to tha Bone

  • Kiss my a$$....sowhat

    Damn,son you a CLOWN

  • What the...?!

    @ Black to tha Bone…you are a sad little man. You’re either the whitest dude in here or a very conflicted & self-hating fool.

  • Black to tha Bone

    Mona as long as I get to profile with a white chick in a club and get to sex after I’m straight. I take them back to meet my family because I’m proud of my achievement, if they don’t do likewise then I understand and glorify in the precious moments of their existence I am allowed into.

    Look at fiddy and Paris in those club pics its beautiful the energy and excitement we create in each other. I always say the garden of eden in perfect state is black man Adam and white woman Eve.

    I’ll be a clown getting much sweet white nectar and enjoying every second. Word for life.

  • Black to tha Bone

    Leave it to a ghetto wench with the fake blonde weave to cuss a brotha out for preferring the real thing. SMH

  • pretty FoShaw

    black to the bone,i dont remember cursing you out,yeah ummmmm,it further proves what i said,we have a fire starter in the crowd,and he is a little salty that the fire is very weak today

  • Black to tha Bone

    You called me fake without any facts to back it up. Whereas in your case we can see first hand you’re fake. Makes you a hypocrite ma, just sayin.

  • pretty FoShaw

    your still at it?

  • pretty FoShaw

    the fire is weakining.. lol

  • Ms. Lovely

    @ Black to tha Bone

    When you where in school none of the black girls would give you a chance so now your obsessed with white women. As if to say, yeah back in the day sisters would not go out with me but I don’t need you I can get a white girl.

    It’s okay baby we all have hang ups from our youth but at some point realize there is nothing like a black woman. I know baby, I am one and I am amazing, at work, in the kitchen, in the bedroom…etc.

    Ms. Lovely

  • Kompton's Kutie

    LOL! @ the name Bugs!

    **Date White Hoes And End Up Like OJ**.

    He hasn’t learned yet! When will Black People realize at the end of the day White people don’t like ya’ll?!

  • Black to tha Bone

    You came to me, not vice versa. You wanted to use the word “fake” and got caught in a bad look. Don’t cry about it now, you look tough enough to keep taking the knocks. LOL

  • Ms. Lovely

    @ Black to tha Bone

    That last post was confusing, see those white girls got your head messed up.

  • pretty FoShaw

    the fire is weakining as i type.. lmao

  • Black to tha Bone

    Err Ms Lovely I have never heard of a black man who can’t get sistas but can get white women have you? Makes no sense at all. Obviously I have my pick of women and make my choices accordingly. Only the best at the captain’s table.

  • Black to tha Bone

    Ms Lovely I addressed you directly. The below was for “Pretty Dumb” @

    You came to me, not vice versa. You wanted to use the word “fake” and got caught in a bad look. Don’t cry about it now, you look tough enough to keep taking the knocks. LOL

  • Kompton's Kutie

    @Ms. Lovely

    Ur so right!!

    Then half of them come back when it’s time to get married, kuz all the white girls are used up. They only want them for you know what, and dating white girls does not help you get in good with white people-Remember That!

  • Ms. Lovely

    @ Black to that Bone

    Of course my black king, what ever you say daddy.

    Ms. Lovely

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