Tyra Lying on TV

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Tyra Banks took a lie detector test on her show today and when asked if she was jealous of Oprah Winfrey she said “No”. The results showed that her answer was false.

Watch the video clip under the hood..

Something just seems real phony about this broad. We can’t quite put our fingers on it.

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  • VictoriousOne...


  • VictoriousOne...

    That photo of that hair she has on her head is ridiculous.

    Who wouldn’t want to be O? Only Black lady that can say jump and YT says HOW HIGH?

  • http://www.yahoo.com Southern Belle 225

    she may not be as rich as O but she has no reason to be jelous of O either. Tyra is pretty rich her damn self. She is still silly and phoney but rich non the less.

  • maurice

    Psssh who wouldn’t be jealous of Oprah. All that damn money. Though Tyra has no reason to be jealous. I think she is a beautiful black woman. Intelligent as well. Not a very common pair. She’s doin the damn thing. With her bankable productions company, america’s next top model, and the tyra banks show. She’ll reign after Oprah’s era has passed. Love you Ty Ty!

  • Angel_Minded

    Why not just answer ‘yes’

  • PaigeyWaigey

    What’s the harm in just saying your jealous of someone, it doesn’t always have to be jealousy in a bad way…more like envy, and ain’t nothing wrong with that if you use it to motivate yourself and not bring others down…Just tell the truth Tyra, nobody really cares what you think anyways, so you might as well. 🙂

  • E. Junior


  • mr mr

    tyra is FAKE…

    they shoulda asked, “Are you still scared of Naomi?”

    Now that woulda been funny…..

    Tyra does not wanna get out of pocket…scared Naomi will come beat that azz

  • JAD

    I am not surprised. Everything about Tyra is fake! Her wig looks a mess. @mr mr…I agree they should have asked that question!!! HAHA

  • lindsey lohan

    tyra is an idiot

    she is straight up crazy

    she appears to be program when

    she is on her show,

    also the should have as her

    “Will anyone every see you in your natural state?

    @mr mr

    that would be funny if they ask her about naomi


  • bree

    i bet you she said no so she can ram it down our throats that she is just like every other woman.

  • Miss take

    Tyra’s a phony, insecure person hiding under those wigs. She’s also annoying with the excessive blinking and the dorky alter-ego.

  • Notahater

    love Tyra…keep doing your thing girl!!!!!

  • Asia

    oh shut up. Who isn’t jealous of Oprah.

    Tyra said she obviously jealous of Oprahs money but that’s it. Such a lame question.

  • Terry-Ann31

    tyra is amess and very greedy does she not have enough shame shame shame i bet Naomi is not jealous of O

  • Just Sayin

    Yooooooo She got ball hands…….

    Put some lotion on them dam things!

  • Just Sayin

    What is she eating a bar of “Shae Butter”.

    She need to rub that stuff across her ashy ass knuckles!

    She look like she had a nose job too!

  • BABY

    Just Sayin

    What is she eating a bar of “Shae Butter”.

    She need to rub that stuff across her ashy ass knuckles!


    You are wrong for that…lmaoooooooooo…

    thats one of them only .99 wigs they have available around holloween….

  • Ms.I'm too cute to be this damnn broke!

    i’ve always wanted to take a lie detector test cause i think i can beat it … when they ask me, have you ever cheated? nope … TRUE – how many guys have you been with intimately? 2 … TRUE .. if i can pass those two questions then i’m good, i can beat anything! 😆


    im sure she didnt openly admit jealousy because then people would rip into her and call her insecure like alot of people are already doing .. i agree its nothing wrong with a little jealousy if its a motivating kind and will inspire you to step up your game. she’s a mini mogul in the making so she really shouldnt worry about what Oprahs doing.

    @ JUST SAYIN..

    its called biscotti .. if you ate something more than fast food you’d know. very common hell you can grab those things at any grocery store or star bucks and it aint nothing ashy about her knuckles

  • Ms. Lovely

    ‘Just tell the truth Tyra, nobody really cares what you think anyways, so you might as well. ‘



  • Haterologist

    Wow she does have banana hands!

  • Cheron


  • *W*

    I Love Tyra!

  • beautifades



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