Where’s The Love: 12 Men Who Have Expressed Trash Opinions Of Black Women

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12 Men Who Have Trash Opinions Of Black Women

Black women are magic. But some people refuse to show them the respect they deserve and maintain terrible views on how amazing they are. These men need to get their lives together and learn who’s basically running the world and making everyone’s lives better.

D.L. Hughley – He’s said that Black women are “angry all the time,” defended Columbus Short and defended Rachel Dolezal because Black women have blonde hair.

Stephen A. Smith – He once asked what women could do to stop men from beating them, in a misogynist rant for the ages.

Young Berg – He coined the phrase “dark butts” because Young Berg is the absolute worst.

Lil Wayne – He’s ALLEGEDLY said he didn’t want anymore darker children and they would all be light-skinned if he had any say in it.

Ne-Yo – He said all the prettiest kids are light-skinned anyway. Really, Ne-Yo?

Faizon Love – He’s insulted Black women on Twitter and defended Bill Cosby while throwing out the occasional racial slur.

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    John Mayer – He said he’s physically incapable of being attracted to Black women.

    A$AP Rocky – He said that red lipstick and dark skin looks horrible.

    Tyrese – He’s been notorious about his disrespect towards Black women – namely their weight. Because that’s usually productive.

    Terrence Howard – He’s insinuated that Black women can’t handle him being with a non-Black woman. For whatever it’s worth.

    Perez Hilton – He says that every gay man has a Black woman inside of him and it didn’t go well.

    Eminem – When he was a teenager, he rapped about Black women using slurs and everything. He later apologized.

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