Know Your Boo’s Bank Account! 43% Of Couples Inaccurately Guessed Their Partner’s Salary

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You don’t want to be among the 43 percent who inaccurately guessed their significant others’ earnings in Fidelity Investments’ 2015 Couples Retirement Study. And here’s the kicker: Despite the fact that four in 10 clearly have a hazy idea about their partner’s finances, a whopping 72 percent say they communicate “exceptionally” or “very well” with their significant other…“For many, conversations about money can feel uncomfortable. In some cases we don’t know how to start a discussion, so we put it off, even though we know it’s important,” [Kristen Robinson, Fidelity’s SVP of Women and Young Investors] said.

by Kimberly Gedeon


The Tinder For Jobs: This App Lets You Swipe Right Into Employment

…Say hello to Switch — the Tinder for jobs, according to USA Today College. Switch was launched in July 2014 and according to Quartz, it was originally centered on the New York City tech job market, but with a few rounds of successful funding campaigns, the app was able to expand. According to the The Muse, it’s similar to how Tinder — the dating app – operates: “Switch allows you to quickly and easily browse through job postings—swipe right to like, swipe left to pass. Hiring managers do the same thing, browsing through candidates’ anonymized profiles and culling information about their professional backgrounds and credentials. Notifications are sent right to your phone whenever an interested employer likes your professional profile.”


Brooklyn’s Susannah Mushatt Jones Is The World’s Oldest Person

Susannah Mushatt Jones, confirmed by the Guinness World Records organization as the oldest living person in the world this past June, celebrated her 116th birthday on Monday privately in Brooklyn… Jones was born July 6, [1899] in Alabama, as child of a sharecropper and a granddaughter to former slaves. According to Guinness, Jones moved north to New Jersey in 1922 after graduating high school. She then moved into New York where she worked as a child care provider and housekeeper. Jones retired from work in 1965, and settled in Brooklyn. Although Jones is hard of hearing and lost her eyesight, she is not beholden to a bed and can get around ably.


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