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Here is Ray-J getting his little swirly groove back kickin it with “Jen the Pen” in NYC.

SMH at Jen having Ray-J’s new song on her Myspace page.

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  • TaShA

    who is she??

  • Tam

    She is a nobody

  • JAD

    Who knows! Ray-J is a loser though.

  • Bankable P

    Jen the Pen? what does that mean?

  • Georgie

    Big deal.. So hes taking a picture with someone with white skin.

  • KillaBeeSwarm (powered by Linux)





    You get the big L for lame. If you gonna have Z-listers you have to tell us who they are. Not like we care.

  • Pretty Latina

    If you’re gonna a White girl, get a hot one.

  • msjlh

    she looks like your typical po white trash.

    it’s bad enough she’s with Ray-J but for wearing that orange tanning lotion she should get slapped around for 10 minutes.

  • Black to tha Bone

    Props, pounds and mad dap. I’m so proud to see my brothas ascending to higher levels. Damon Dash and Ray J belong to an elite group of black men who have true white girl game.

  • Ms. Lovely

    Isn’t he a preachers son?

  • Kompton's Kutie

    WHO? Well all the Black girls don’t want him, so I guess! LOL!

  • Harlem Chic

    Ray J is nobody.

  • Black to tha Bone

    99% of Compton’s ghetto wenches would open their obese thighs for Ray J don’t trip. He’s an ambitious brotha who doesn’t have to settle for the lower level women.

  • Black to tha Bone

    Aww I think Pretty Dumb has a crush. Don’t speak on what you can’t afford gurlllll.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    @Black to tha Bone

    U might be right! NOT!!

    Kuz Im that 1% that can give a fukk about what you got kuz Kutie got her own s*** and every female in Kompton is not Ghetto. Appearently you’ve never been there before to know that!

  • truself

    He could have done better… Don’t like Kim but she looks way better than this chick.

    I’m pretty sure if she works with radio then he is using her for his own agenda. Just like Kim K. Exploit them Ray J!!! Before they exploit you.

  • Black to tha Bone

    LOL Kompton Cootie you deny the ghetto bit but not obesity. Y’all a mess in your saggy stained pants walking up and down the hood flab wobbling back and forth. Nastaaay.

  • Tam

    Black to the Bone please shut the hell up! This race war between us blacks has got to stop!

  • Black to tha Bone

    I’m a very proud strong black male. I have no race war on my side of things. Its others who don’t like my lifestyle that cause the drama.

  • helltothanaw

    Black to tha Bone

    I’m a very proud strong black male. I have no race war on my side of things. Its others who don’t like my lifestyle that cause the drama.

    ^^^^What’s wrong with you bruh? I understand, that your feelin’ white women, cool, God bless. However, don’t lump all of us black women into one category and call us all lower level. Lest you forget, you came from a black woman. I don’t think your mother or sister(if you have one) would appreciate those generalizations. If you’ve had bad experiences with black women, I’m sorry to hear that. Nevertheless, you don’t have the right to slap all of us with those stereotypes, becasue the majority of us don’t fit the description. I’m sure that you wouldn’t like to be labeled with some of the atrocious stereotypes they label black men. I really hope you aren’t that ignorant..

  • Black to tha Bone

    First Lady I respect you respecting my ambitions. It seems an issue for others sadly. I will never stop glorifying at the white woman’s feet so they have to deal.

  • Black to tha Bone

    LOL Lube don’t front on Jen The Pen for the benefit of the wenches on this site son.

    Look at the brotha bottom left scowling and hating on Ray J’s good fortune in the second two pics. That’d be you, pretending you didn’t want to hit anyway. Yeah right it fools nobody. Honesty is the first step to recovery bro.

  • du damage

    i luv black sistas, they make great jumpoffs before you elevate yourself to bigger and better dime pieces, like asian or white women.

  • Black to tha Bone

    I hear ya DD, the sistas make good beginning practice when nothing better is available but then we have choices to make. I’m about evolution.

  • Beaver Cleaver

    Hey yall, Black to tha Bone is Marquis de Sade.

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