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Kylie Jenner Rumored To Have Spent $2 Million To Look Like Kim

Kylie Jenner is noticeably looking more and more like big sister Kim K. by the day, with similar clothing, styling and…assets. But as an insider recently shared with OK! Magazine, lil Kylizzle paid good money for her transformation, specifically with the goal of competing with Kim as the hottest family member. Via HollywoodLife:

“She looks absolutely nothing like she did a few years ago, and it’s been the plan all along to transform herself a much as possible into Kim,” a source tells OK! Magazine. While there were no specifics given about what exactly this transformation entailed, whatever it may be, it allegedly cost the teen a whopping $2 million!

The insider claims Kylie has been allegedly undergoing an intense lineup of cosmetic procedures for quite some time, including the “temporary lip fillers” she admitted to getting during an interview on KUWTK. In that same interview, Kylie explained her insecurity about her looks being blasted by the media. “I’m just not ready to talk [about it yet]…everyone always picks us apart,” she said Kylie’s insecurity has been with her since the beginning of KUWTK, when she saw herself as the “ugly ducking” with beautiful sisters who seemed to have it all. Apparently, Kylie wasted no time in changing that.

“As soon as she was old enough, she decided she was going to do something about it,” the source revealed. “She hounded Kris until she signed off on her surgery.”

Although the alleged $2 million is a pretty crazy amount of money, Kylie is reportedly now more confident than ever and thinks she’s filling Kim’s shoes fast. She has often been confused for her big sis, and her wardrobe has practically become a spitting image of Kim’s too.

“She wants to show off her body and always talks about how Kim must be so jealous, because she’s younger and prettier and gets more attention from guys these days,” says the insider.

So what does Kim think of her wannabe sis? Surprisingly — she’s not even phased! “She thinks it’s cute that Kylie idolizes her,” the insider says. “Kylie is convinced that they’re rivals, [but for now] it’s a one-sided argument.”

Well, it’s just as well. Word on the street is that Tyga is into that heavily knifed-up look anyway…



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