Really??? Cincinnati Police Chief Wants Hate Crime Charges Brought Against Black Teens Who Left White Boy Unconscious

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Cincinnati Police Chief Wants Hate Crime Charges Brought Against Black Kids Who Beat White Boy

Sounds a lil’ suspect to say the least…

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Just one day after a Cincinnati police captain insisted that the beating of a white man at the hands of black youths was not race-related, the department’s chief asked prosecutors to purse hate crime charges against the attackers.

A police incident report filed in the aftermath of the brutal beating that left 27-year-old Christopher McKnight, from Indiana, lying bloodied and unconscious on a Cincinnati sidewalk described the attack as an ‘anti-white’ crime.

But on Monday, Captain Mike Neville dismissed the reporting officer’s assessment of the incident as ‘incorrect,’ denying that the attack on McKnight was racially motivated.

Speaking to reporters after the contents of the report were published by a local newspaper, Neville said that labeling the incident as ‘anti-white’ was one officer’s personal opinion.

The captain later elaborated, saying that reporting officer Alicia Essert, who is Caucasian, came to the conclusion that McKnight, a tourist from Indiana, was the victim of a hate crime because he was beaten up by members of the ‘opposite race.’

The attack and its aftermath were captured on video by at least two bystanders and later shared on social media.

The police captain added that at this stage of the investigation it is too early to tell whether or not the attack had anything to do with McKnight’s skin color.

‘Right now, I don’t have reason to label that as a hate crime,’ said Neville. ‘I would tell you preliminary speaking, that report was incorrect.’

On Wednesday, Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell did an about-face, seemingly backing up the reporting officer’s initial assessment of the incident as a racially motivated crime.

‘In many cases, a hate/bias relationship between the offender(s) and suspect(s) may not be easily apparent at the time of, or even shortly after the commission of the offense,’ police spokeswoman Tiffaney Hardy said in a statement to the Cincinnati Enquirer. ‘Often, hate/bias elements become evident only after thorough investigation and review of the available evidence.’

Soooo, what was this “evidence” that lead to this conclusion that these boys targeted McKnight? What if they were responding to something racist HE said?? We need to see receipts…

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