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12 Philly Cops Beat And Taser Unarmed Black Man

To serve injuries and protect themselves from prosecution…

Via Newsweek

The Philadelphia Police Department is internally investigating a group of police officers videotaped in an altercation with Tyree Carroll, a 22-year-old black man. Carroll was riding his bicycle and officers asked him to stop and get off the bike because he was riding the wrong direction on the street. He was later kicked, punched and Tased by a group of up to 12 officers. Carroll was called a “piece of shit” and a “motherfucker.”

The president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 5, the Philadelphia police union organization, called the video an example of “good policing” in an interview with Newsweek, despite the internal investigation focused on the incident.

According to witnesses and Carroll, Carroll complied with the officers request to get off the bike and did not attempt to flee. He was arrested. The video shows Carroll being wrestled to the ground and punched by four police officers. Another group of police officers arrives bringing the total to about six officers. One officer is heard on the video saying, “You’re getting the fucking Taser, here I come. You’re getting the fucking Taser.” Another officer is heard saying, “Tase the motherfucker.” Carroll remains on the ground during this time.

Several more officers arrive, bringing the total to between 10 and 12. “You piece of shit,” another officer is heard saying, after Carroll bit an officer. Carroll told political and social commentator Jasmyne Cannick he bit the officer because he was placed in a choke hold, which made his chest hurt. He was unable to breathe at the time, Carroll said. In the video, Carroll is heard saying, “I’m sorry, man,” after the bite. Carroll is then allowed to stand and brought into a police car in handcuffs.

“I did view the video, and it shows that policing in Philly isn’t pretty. He’s fighting. He’s waving his arms. He’s biting the police officer at least twice. This is good policing. Their sole job in that moment was to police narcotics. You’re allowed to use force at times,” union president John McNesby told Newsweek in a phone interview. “Unfortunately, these guys were bit. You’re allowed to use force to effect an arrest. They took narcotics off the street and took the man off the street.

And it took 12 officers kicking, cursing, and tasering to accomplish this goal, John McNesby? Really?? GTFOHWTBS!

If this is “good policing” then we might as well just dissolve the fraternal order of police nationwide.



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