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Angel Lola Luv partied a Plumm nightclub last night in NYC getting some gawkerish attention to her rack from Felicia ‘Snoop’ Pearson of “The Wire”.

Fill in the Blank: ‘Snoop’ is thinking __________________________.

Click here to view Angel half-naked and hear her speak…

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  • Harlem Chic

    That’s a serious dyke…

  • Ibn

    Shim is thinking I would suck that hell out of those titties…just like the man I am

  • Harlem Chic

    That dyke is about the business…got more nuts than a squirrel

  • ......

    Snoooooooooop!!!! I love you on the wire…..

  • JoJo

    Aaaah that’s chick from the Wire no??

    Is that a chain saw tatted on her neck?

  • Ms. Lovely

    Sometimes all you can do is sit back and admire.

    I’d be staring at all that too.

    Ms. Lovely

  • EL OH.

    This person?! THAT’S SNOOP!

  • Storm

    Is that Snoop from The Wire? Hot ass mess!! Angel is a gorgeous woman though, and I think she’d be even prettier without the make-up and the contacts. I normally like neck tattoos, being that I have a small one myself, but hers looks weird in this pic.

  • jahmil212

    Snoop is thinkin i would digg all in dat ass like omar be gettin at dem dudes

  • kede

    Snoop is thinking I’ll buy that for a dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    OMG, that’s that chick from the wire…she is sooooo manly!! Watching her on the Wire, you can tell she is just being herself…and minus the gangbanging, is probably very much like her character.

  • Bankable P

    i’m confused. Is that a girl named Snoop? or IS that a guy named Snoop? I was leaning towards a girl and i bet she is thinking how much she’d love to do that bed/sex scene from the movie Monster.

  • Shawn08

    I’m sure Angel made her pay for everything last night…including in the hotel room!

  • Bankable P

    ok, i guess you can tell i don’t watch tv that much. never heard of the wire

  • no no no

    I got a little fame wonder if she will let me get that.

  • Bankable P

    being a single parent i don’t get much time for tv. is it a good show? do i need to add that to my movie list on netflix?

  • Charlie Brown

    Handle your bizzz Snoop!!!! B-more doesn’t sleep on the fine!!!

  • Naw Son The God

    Snoop is thinking, I can’t wait to put my dick between those joints

  • Certain

    HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA. She look like she ready to eat them tittays.

  • elle

    @ Bankable P start with season 1 yes, it is that good.

  • gimyi


  • mrembowoman

    I think it’s a low down dirty shame when you can’t tell a man from a woman. What is this world coming to?

  • Dolla Bill

    Homegirl is lookin at her like a pimp…LOL

  • KillaBeeSwarm (powered by Linux)

    The Wire is the truth. I don’t have HBO so I put it on the Blockbuster queue. My brother showed me part of an episode (Snoop went and bought a nail gun straight cash) and I was hooked.

    Sometimes when looking at a rack you can’t have any shame.

  • Ms. Lovely

    Snoop is looking at her like she can already taste it.

    Ms. Lovely

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