Ho Sit Down: 50 Cent Endorses Hillary

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

After admitting on Howard Stern he liked getting his salad tossed and bashing Oprah last year, No Cents officially endorsed that shady Hillary Clinton yesterday. Whoever this fool is supporting, you know that’s the self-hating vote.

The G-Unit ‘I had My Salad Tossed” rapper told Fox News ‘America is not ready for a Black President’. Discuss.

The video of No Cents endorsement is under the cut

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  • Issa

    he’s an idiot. he should be shot … again

  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    Hes a Dumb AZZ

  • Trader Joe

    That penis is HUGE! (No Homo)…I wonder if 50’s is that big(no homo)

  • bree

    King Kong, Ki, King Ki King Kong..you could hear me before you see me

  • JustifiablySo


  • ajin

    how can you take some one seriously who did not give any support for his reasoning. maybe if he had said, “i am endorsing hillary for theses reasons . . . america is not ready for a black president because . . .” I would have been convinced that he was not a complete idiot.

  • J Tull

    This guy is one can short of a six-pack. What an idiot. The more tattoo’s and muscle on a man, the more likely they are gay or down-low. That is a fact.

  • Black to tha Bone

    Hillary > Obama

    Paris > Ciara

    Fiddy knows where its at. 🙂

  • http://www.haitianflex.com www.haitianflex.com

    It’s official i hate 50!


    @ lala3 ..

    thats what im saying .. when hillary clinton refers to her wealth of experience i think she is counting in bill’s as well because thats just an idiotic statement because anyone who actually concerned w/ politics knows that obama does have a upper hand when it comes to experience and because hillarys previous jobs include legal represenatation of corporate companies such as walmart im definitely inclined to not trust her. walmart is a cut throat corp that is getting away with slave labor with the help of the attorneys

  • Rae the Blogger

    Hollywood BS- “HOE SIT DOWN”

    When will America be ready for a Black President?? Hunh?? I’ll tell you when…When WE GIVE THEM ONE!!!




    thats what im talking about! i was typing my response while you were typing yours .. but i totally agree

  • lillie

    Who cares who 50 cent endorses? He barely speaks English. He is entitled to his own opinoin though. But my question for him is…When does he think that America will be ready for a black president? I know that America is ready for 50 Cent to go sit down somewhere.

  • Politically_Correct

    Martin Luther King Jr. said it best:

    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

  • Cage

    How would he of all people know what America is not ready for?? We were not ready for him to be singin through his songs like a lil hoe but he did it anyways… Hhhmmm…

  • Nation

    That RETARD is a convicted felon who can’t vote anyway!!! He needs to sit his ignorant a$$ down talking about endorsing somebody. He is a hater–plain and simple. Barack is everything that he is not—intelligent, handsome, educated, and he has a beautiful , smart wife and daughters.

  • you know

    The ppl who work for this site must not be very educated or think in order for black ppl the come here we have to use bad grammar and derogatory, degrated language. I really hope this site is not owned and/or operated by anyone black b/c you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Black Sistas got it go n on!

    hollywood sit your ass down your definitley white! Cuz ain’t no real black man or woman think like that!

    I am for Obama or hilary! I want obama to win cuz we can’t do that much badder than we are doing with bush why not take a chance!

    Hilary and bill is the price of 2 for the price of 1 so either way Im good just no more republicans!

    I don’t give a damn what they do!

    and 50 needs jesus!

  • Jyoungin

    Why are most blacks voting for Obama… because he is black. I am positive the editor of this website and its visitors have no idea what Obama stands for or have even seen one of the debates. Why does 50 cent have to be a coon because he endorses Hillary Clinton. How many of you have visited Obama’s website or Hillary’s? This website doesn’t even mention anything about the Republican candidates looking for a presidential bid, most people on this site couldn’t even name the two running. Maybe this black gossip site should stick to what it knows best, posting pictures and commenting on them and using the catch line “Making It Rain On Them” for every damn thing.

    African Americans can be just as ignorant as any white person. If a black entertainer doesn’t vote or support Obama then he hates his race. That is extremely ignorant.

    Grow up this is not a vote for the next American Idol, its for the president of the U.S.A.

    Most of the people making comments on this board will probably not vote anyway.

  • cocoa

    he has a right to voice what he feels just like the rest of you. what he said is being said behind most of americans closed door.


    @ NATION

    That RETARD is a convicted felon who can’t vote anyway!!!


    LMAO ..right why we even giving this thread anymore time .. i totally forgot about that lol just another example of a paid for mouth piece

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Big ups to all the Clinton supporters! GO HILLARY! And yes, I am black and very proud!

  • 2peaces

    What amazes me is why so many blacks can not phantom seeing a black president? Is he gonna throw wild barbeques at the W.H. Barack at least says he will bring the troops home now! Hilary does not say that, in fact, she say much of nothing because she will take the easy route everytime. Hill and Bill again, as in HillBilly!

  • catcher freeman

    one more reason to hate bill o’reilly, and about 80 more reasons to hate 50 “i just set my culture back 50 years” cent

  • the fan

    I cannot believe you would tell 50 cent Ho sit down. I think that it’s incredibly disrespectful to say something like this to one of the Pillars in the African American community. I am so insulted. I will not visit your site again until you issue a formal apology to 50 for the disrespect……now that ho Mya Angelou is another story…..

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