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  • KillaBeeSwarm (powered by Linux)

    I hope the writers strike ends. Give the writers their fair share of the money! Also, first.


    UGHN! now what else is she going to find to nip and tuck .. what the hell is wrong with her lips. she just never ever looks good. and i have seen trannies that look better than this wench

  • msjlh

    ain’t this chic’s 15 minutes up already? damn, I am tired of seeing that mugshot.

    The entertainment industry needs to let Angela Bassett host a show like “Charm School” and have all of the industry females attend. I swear I am tired of seeing crotch shots, damn near naked breast shots, booty shots, ugly women slobbing down ugly men shots….

    when will the madness end? it’s 2008 let’s try something else for a change.

    but the white girl in the background looks like she was laughing her butt off @ New York!!

  • dixon_girl

    This is a sad representation of black women…

  • http://n686566290_517575_435 Re

    You know how the sky is blue? She looks crazy, no questions. The sky is blue and New York looks crazy.

  • Chicafronita

    @msjlh … correction — “ain’t this DUDE’s [tyrone pollard] 15 minutes … ” i believe that’s what you meant to say – her real boyfriend is coming back to vh1 and more girls will be slobbering on flava’s nasty azzzz – YUCK — is there an emoticon for yuck?

  • bree

    is she posing? Ru Paul does that better than you

  • elle



    new york is one ugly broad. and who the hell did her makeup? that 70 year old lady at the counter of Lancome? grotesque

  • Re

    And her eyebrows…they’re only eyebrows if they’re near your eyes…

  • zayah

    Lol@one ugly tranny.


    LOL @ lancome lady doing her makeup lol .. more like the makeup artist for ringley bros circus

  • ripped

    I thought she was halfway cute when she first appeared on Flavor of Love, but she doesn’t even look like herself anymore. WTF!

  • it's me dammit!!!

    She WAS halfway decent on flavor of Love 1, but now she is a HAM, those implants look hard as hell, and she is always posing like she some sort of sex kitten, New York sit ur ass down!!

  • Bruhmann

    NY’s face looks like Jay-Z wearing a wig.

  • Mona

    LMAFAO@ Re & Woman…NY makes my stomach turn.

  • EducatedFool

    Can you believe this ugly monkey suppose to be only about 25 years old? She has to be the ugliest woman on television next to her momma.

  • NY_House

    quit giving this dirty sideline ho attention

  • http://Lycos Monotheistic Proof

    New York is very do able. You just have to buy the combo deal. She should come with a can of raid, and a brown paper bag. She already has the potato head on lock.

  • yourgirlnelle


  • blah

    Look like she got hit in the eye.. and her boobs are scary lookin wont she have back problems.

  • Don't mind me

    A sea lion with weave tits and make up!

  • maaly

    she needs to meet up with bishop don juan or pimpin ken

  • msjlh


    i almost forgot about mom-dukes! eeek, if that’s what her mom looks like then NY ain’t got a snowballs chance in hell of ever being attractive. they say if you want to know what a woman will look like when she gets older take a look at her mom.

    *shivering at the thought*

  • JAD

    @dixon girl…you are CORRECT. This woman makes me sick to my stomach.

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