Tyrese Disrespects the ‘Star Spangled Banner’

- By Bossip Staff

Tyrese knows he should’ve represented to the fullest when he sang the National Anthem at the Lakers/Nuggets game on Wednesday but ole boy thought he’d jazz up the song by adding some extra ish.

Tyrese Gibson left the rock he was hanging out under to sing the National Anthem for the Lakers game Wednesday night. He probably thought it would get him some postive media coverage.

He was wrong!

The Transformer actor decided to play word-play with the beloved pregame staple and fans were not very happy about it. Instead of singing the phrase “our flag was still there,” he replaced the words with “our Lakers were still there.” Whether they were Lakers fans or not, the change caused the audience to “boo” Tyrese through the rest of his performance.

Like any good celebrity, Tyrese took to his Twitter and told the world he felt sick today before promptly returning under his rock.

Dumb @ss. Trying to get some hype is where you went wrong. That’s what happens when your career is on the outs, you’re on blast for dissing your wife and you can’t catch a break to save your life.


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  • Mandy

    He is famous. I have found his pics on a celeb dating site named _____Meet Wea lthy com_____ . On that site there are many his fans who always chat about this handsome man.

  • Back On My Swag

    That’s Lakers fans for ya…they “ignant”

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  • Newbie


  • http://www.twitter.com/IHearMusique Re

    Awh, man….Tyrese, don’t mess with the die-hard “Americans…”

    Now Tyrese is going to disappear and his name will be wiped from all records…and when you go to his house there will be a family that will say, “Tyrese who? We’ve been living here all our lives…”

  • nitenrz

    I love Tyrese but he needs to show some respect to our nation.

  • ...

    You win some and you lose some.

  • MissBr0nx

    What an idiot…right now Americans are very patriotic and he went and did some ish like this..stupid!

  • MissBr0nx

    I can just imagine the evil glares he got from the audience! LOL!

  • PoetryisMe (...so read between the lines)

    Star-spangled banner my ass. Is the star-spangled banner going to pay my bills? Hell no… Okay, I’m kidding you guys, don’t stone me…lol

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!™

    Poor guy. I feel you Tyrese, you was trying to hype up the crowd and it back fired on you. No biggie, your still a good actor/singer in my eyes.

    Can’t wait for Transformers 2 to come out.

  • Mrs. Rance

    He got was he deserved for defiling the national anthem, but he’ll be fine. This faux pas is not a career ender.

  • Speaking the truth...(formerly Letstalktruth)

    Now he should’ve known better than that. He has a new comic book out called Mayheim. I wonder if its any good?

  • WillonaWoods

    What was he thinking?

  • always knew

    This guy is an idiot, pure and simple…


  • VERY Sad 2C Dis

    “you’re not a baby boy anymore Jody!” LOL

  • Toxicity

    what a dumb ass! here’s an example of someone that is completely unaware of the world



  • Breeze

    LOL- That was so stupid, Tyrese.



  • Ms. T.


  • Combatcook 24

    Very idiotic at best.. That song and the American flag are never to disrespected… Thats like changing the words in church to Amazing Grace.. Silly mistake, but he will recover….

  • barb

    that is classic!!!!

  • Butterscotch

    I feel like this happens every few years (anyone remember RKelly’s Chicago steppig version?). Maybe artists need to limit their “remixing” to periods when we’re not at war…something tells me that would still not be enough though. It’s kind of a hit or miss thing, depending on your audience. Kinda shocked that happened in L.A.

  • DontBeScurred


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