Quote of the Day: “Tyler Perry is Like Amos ‘N Andy”

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Spike went hard on Tyler with this mess right here. Tyler Perry has made millions off of ‘minstrel show’ type characters but should Spike be callin’ him out in public and creating an even larger divide amongst Black filmmakers? Pop the hood for more of the Black Hollyweird War

Spike Lee had an interview with Ed Gordon on Our World with Black Enterprise scheduled to air this weekend. In the interview he complained about “coonery and buffoonery” and both of Tyler Perry’s shows “Meet the Browns” and “House of Payne,” comparing them to characters from minstrel shows.

“We’ve had this discussion back and forth. When John Singleton [made ‘Boyz in the Hood’], people came out to see it. But when he did ‘Rosewood,’ nobody showed up. So a lot of this is on us! You vote with your pocketbook, your wallet. You vote with your time sitting in front of the idiot box, and [Tyler Perry] has a huge audience. We shouldn’t think that Tyler Perry is going to make the same film that I am going to make, or that John Singleton or my cousin Malcolm Lee [would make]. As African-Americans, we’re not one monolithic group, so there is room for all of that. But at the same time, for me, the imaging is troubling and it harkens back to ‘Amos n’ Andy.’”

We can see where Spike is coming from but wished he would’ve been more careful about airing his dirty laundry in such a public way. We need to be about each other not against each other. SMH

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