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It’s about time that this cat showed up. Here is Halle Berry and her K-Fraud picking up some lunch at P.F. Chang’s in Beverly Hills.

Halle looks like she’s holding up well to be due next week, those ankles are still looking slim.


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  • afafas


  • PHILLY IN DA BOSS inda323


  • PHILLY IN DA BOSS inda323

    barack finna lose



    (if only it were mike huckabee and not wack mccain)

  • Lisa

    Halle is about to explode. I know that look. My sister had that look when the baby was about to drop. Don’t F with her, she’ll cut you!

  • Bankable P

    @ philly

    why are you posting that on this topic, shouldn’t you be under the obama topic? I take it you are a republican supporter?

  • I'm Just Me


  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Halle has mos def maintained herself through this pregnancy. Those ankles are not looking big, but them breasts and thighs sure are, lol. In no way is this a negative comment, she does look good.

  • Poor Hal

    That is one UNHAPPY white guy. Wishing he was with a young….hot….blonde……MAN. Lol.

    Not some ole…black….gal

  • Cage

    I’ll still be around for Halle when he dumps her.

    @ anon: I see where you comin from bruh.. Haven’t been checkin this site too long but I have seen Reggie bush get roasted at least 3 times for pipin out that rent a hoe… People should bone whoever they want to…

  • Ms. Lovely

    Halle looks good, kept it tight, kept it right.

    I don’t like being negative, Ms. Lovely is all about love but…

    I don’t like celebrating the fact that she is not married, it seems as though she just wants a baby and not a family. Children need mommies and daddies not some guy that comes around. If you are not ready to have a FAMILY don’t have kids.

    Okay I’m off the soap box.

    Back to making fun of celebrities.

    Ms. Lovely

  • Bird

    I love that she is wearing her natural hair again. I hope she sticks with it after the baby. I just never got used to her with a weave.

  • Bird

    Ms. Lovely

    Halle has tried marraige and it didn’t work. Now she finds herself in her 40’s without children. What should she do, never have them? In this case I gotta overlook the single mother thing. If she wants children she should have the right to have them despite the fact that she was unable to find Mr. Right before her biological clock stopped ticking. That is the fate of a lot of black women since we have let our men play us out so bad that they know they can get away without making the ultimate committment.

  • KEEL

    Neither one looks happy in those photos. If pregnancy held a man, we’d all be with our original “baby’s daddy”. I don’t see this union lasting much beyond the birth of that child. She may have been ready for a child, but it doesn’t seem like he is thrilled to become a father.

  • Dwayne The Dream Psychic

    She doesnt look to happy. She needs a Reading, a SOUL MATE READING!

  • Lisa

    I don’t know why Gabriel is not happy, but anyone who has given birth can tell: She is tired, she is huge, she is ready for that baby to come out.


    Oh but why in that one picture she look like somebody ANGRY ASS MOMMA, lol lol lol I wish her the best, and her Kfraudie does look agitated.


    He looks more like her bodyguard then her man.

  • MotorCityGal

    HELLO…………..The don’t look happy because I bet there are about 20 paparazzi in their faces. You guys always assume it’s the relationship that is unstable when you see looks like these, but what you fail to realize is that the paparazzi is constantly in their face with a camera. How would you feel if you had about 5 SUV’s parked outside your house 24-hours a day, waiting for you to make a move. As soon as you do, they start to follow you, then they call their other slimball friends to join in the pursuit and before you know it you are surround by 30 people screaming and taking your photo. One day, someone is going to get KILLED…then you all will understand why these celebrities have such a funky look on their faces. They didn’t sign up for this type of constant surveillance, shoot the FBI or DEA don’t watch key criminals this much. They are going to hound her to death with the baby arrives, and you have to say to yourself, is that fair to ANYONE????????????

  • V

    anon u sound like a fool. besides halle n paila are both biracial

  • he seems suspect

    Oh my GOD! He looks so gay in that third picture!!! Look how he’s standing….I’m still convinced Halle is his beard and she was just so desperate to have a companion (as usual!) and a baby!


    Gorgeous…She looks waay better knocked up than she does regular and Halle’s a beautiful woman

  • what?

    She looks great! It is hard being pregnant. Hell she is tired and huge with more than ten pounds putting pressure on her organs. She has a baby inside her that is sucking her energy and nutrients. Damn people give her a break. The last thing you want when you not feeling well is people taking pictures.


    Reggie Bush has never been seen with a sister that’s the difference. If you want to date outside your race that’s fine but to dismiss your own race is wack. If he was equal opportunity thats fine but he’s not. Halle on the other hand has dated black men and married two black men. You can say she shuns her own race.

  • what?

    I meant you can’t say Halle shuns her own race.

  • GAWD

    k-Fraud. You call very white guy a K-Fraud. Gabriel Aubry is one of, if not the most successful male models in the world, with his own businesses. No Fraud there.

  • Bet

    I hope that baby is worth it because Halle looks like sheer hell.

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