Khia Is A Natural Beauty(Cruntastical)<a

Posted By Royda

We all remember the very out there song “My Neck, My Back” but do we really remember the artist Khia. Well in an interview with Ozone she had a few words to say about her appearance.

“I’m pretty without makeup. I don’t need a stylist and I don’t need thousand dollar hairdos. Keep it real, you know those hoes look a hot mess. You catch Trina early in the morning without all that makeup on her face and that hoes looks a hot mess. . .”

She goes on to speak on Jacki-O: “She [Jacki-O] said I was a one-hit wonder and I looked a hot mess. Well, this is my hair. I’ve got dreads. I don’t need makeup and expensive hairdos to make me look like something. I’m beautiful on my worst day. I don’t have to get my ass pumped and I don’t have to walk around butt-naked to sell records . . . “

First off I hate people who go around claiming they are so beautiful, especially when they aren’t good looking at all. But then again that’s just my opinion take a look for yourself.



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