Mashonda Spills the Beans on Swizz Beak and Alicia Keys

- By Bossip Staff
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Damn, Moshonda is putting it all on front street! Come on Kaseem, get your family back together, man.

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  • koolyma99

    We can love the music these people put out, but we dont know them. Love R Kelly’s music but he’s a pedafile, love A Keys music but she’s a home wrecker, WOW! Keys needs to write a song bout’ how to do that, new title “I’ll shake your hand and steal your man” featuring Trina, how messy is that?

  • sasha

    Whatever! Give it up he has moved on and someone can’t STEAL someone that doesnt want to be STOLEN!!

  • blackandmild

    If this woman doesn’t move on with her life and shut up. I’m tired of hearing Mashonda whine about her marriage.


    Thank you, Sasha.

  • aight

    HE DONT LOVE YOU NO MORE…let it go.

  • Mo B

    I think she was very positive/ Even if he was STOLEN or not, its hard to be in love with someone for so long and split up. I like Moshonda and I hope that her single does well. She presented herself as a very positive mother and women. As for A.Keys she needs to do some soul searching before she puts out a new track. I luv A.Keys and her music but her credibility with love songs may be shut down. Perception is everything!

  • Besses

    she’s gotta get publicity for a new record- the best way to do that is to focus on what the public is talking about regarding her marriage. honestly, she’s classy and has a good head on her shoulders- I don’t know if I’d have the self-control not to regularly put both of their cheating/homewrecking tails on blast

  • K-mia

    she needs to stop crying….just stop talking about it all together and have some damn class

  • sasha

    No one is being mean, this is not the first post on her and the situation and according to other sources she did say Alicia “stole” her man. I don’t hate on my sisters I just want them to look at things on the real side. I get tired of women blaming other women for taking their man, he cant be taken if he dont want to be. Go after his a** !

  • Kool Breeze

    Mashonda is a fine looking woman, wouldn’t mind gettin with that myself. But, to tell you the truth I think she is tryng to capitalize on her 5 min of fame in which I can’t blame her. I never even heard about her before this swizz/keys fiasco. She will now be more famous than she was before thanks to her philandering husband.

  • jai

    wtf… wasnt this posted months ago? this is a real old interview, get it together.

  • The Progressive Sista

    The only wrong person in this is SWizz. He abandoned his wife and kid. Alicia was single with no obligation to anyone but herself.

  • twentysomething

    I don’t get the hatred either. I mean damn she was married to the man. Of course she is going to keep talking about it – I would harp too. At least she is keeping it positive. I have respect for her.

  • CottonCandy

    How is she crying about it and not moving on? She clearly states in the interview that this isn’t what she wants to focus on but the host kept asking her questions about Swizz and Alicia. I love Alicia Keys but wrong is wrong.

  • Naija Bekee

    @ Cotton Candy – Apparently you’re one of the few people on here who knows how to listen. Mashonda was very positive about the whole thing and really didn’t say anything.

    @ darkhue and the rest of you telling her to “move on” – It seems to me that she has…. LOL… It’s funny how people will always try to put a negative spin on everything! Get a life people!

  • dumb asses

    @ The progressive Sista

    Your comment right there depicts part of the reason why married people have it so hard…and I’m not married..but it doesn’t matter if she is single she is wrong. She should respect that man’s marriage and if not at least respect his wife if only for the fact that when her time comes, she wouldn’t want another single “Progressive Sista” to do the same damn thing to her. Its that thing called Karma that Alecia sings about.

  • baeyaki

    Mashonda can speak about her ongoing divorce to whom ever she pleases. It is quite obvious that the majority of people who’ve posted to this point are single. Anyone who has a genuine understanding of marriage would realize that divorce is a BIG DEAL! Moving on, especially when kids are involved can be complex.

  • baeyaki

    Mashonda is very pretty, BTW!

  • dumb asses

    and according to other sources she did say Alicia “stole” her man.

    So why you worrying about “other sources” when this here is right from the horse’s mouth?

  • Airun

    You folks is funny. If this was any other woman that was sleeping with a married man ya’ll would be putting them on blast!!! But it seems like you black women are giving Alicia a pass. Imagine if it was Brittney Spears, what would the comments be then?

  • Tisha

    It is unnecessary to try to trash this woman. She was polite as possible considering the ordeal that she went through. As far as the women who says get over it no none can be stolen, ponder on how you would feel if you just gave birth and your husband is having an affair. It takes a toll on anyone emotionally.

  • Cee

    I have to give Mashonda the utmost respect for being strong, Swizz is primarily in the wrong, but Alicia is wrong too, You can take bricks from someone else’s home and build your own home it just isn’t right, Alicia is very sloppy for this one no self-respect to herself and no respect to her fans who adore her and support her and her music which was previously I, home- girl has so lost me.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    @ CoCo,

    damn that means she’ll only sell 6,999,999 copies of her new shit, you’re really teaching her a lesson!

  • Get a Grip

    No on eis giving Alicia a pass if it wasnt her it would probably be someone else. If she is feeling him might as well be her. We all know his Mashonda is talking about it not to show how positive and strong she is but for sales sake as well. We all know she feels women will feel sorry for her and then call Alicia a tramp and Mashonda comes out on top, I dont feel that way there is no sympathy here. There is always two sides to a story and maybe he strayed for a reason.

  • truth be told

    Nobody saying home boy is wrong for leaving Mashona and falling in love with another woman. Your heart does what it does. Its just the way the whole situation was handled that’s foul as hell. Regardless this woman has a lot of class. When I see this kinda thing happens its kind of hard at first but in essence dude is only showing her that he’s not the right one for her. Now that he’s out of the way, she can take some time, work on herself and her music and I guarantee that someone else is going to come along, brobably better looking than Swiss ne way. She has the right attitude so I wish her all the best.

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