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Forbes has made it’s list of top-earning Black celebrities and of course Oprah tops the list with $260 million which is equivalent to $712,000 a day. Damn that’s a lot of paper. Oprah has definitely got the game on lock and will probably hold that number one spot for a minute.

Check out the top ten list under the hood…

1. Oprah Winfrey $260 million

2. Tiger Woods $100 million

3. Jay-Z $83 million

4. 50 Cent $33 million

5. Kobe Bryant $33 million

6. Shaquille O’Neal $32 million

7. Michael Jordan $31 million

8. Will Smith $31 million

9. Beyonce $27 million

10. LeBron James $27 million


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  • Sickofit

    Work it Oprah

  • zayah


  • victory is mine

    I wonder how much she will be leaving to Dr.Oz or shall I say Dr. Feelgood. Cause yall know Oprah and that man got something going on.

  • I'm Just Me


  • LezBeyon-ce

    Oprah has more money then we all know!!! Girl if you’re smart put that ish in some swiss banks so no one can touch it, and don’t tell no body.

    One time, this one man I was seeing, found out I had a secret bank account, he got so angry! oooo! just be careful girl. Don’t let no one touch your money!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Southern Belle 225

    Oprah is doing the damn thang! I aint made at you girl! If you need to adopt any grown chillins, please come find me!

  • Cage

    I said i would never marry again… But Oprah is lookin more and more tempting

  • V

    Uhm, Oprah has more money than Jay-Z Tiger, and Kobe put together… CAN WE ALL SAY DAMN!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    I want Oprah to adopt me as the adult daughter she’s never had.:-)

  • Shawn08

    Damn Oprah!

  • mr mr

    now thats called making it rain on them hoe’s FOR REAL!!!!!

  • lala

    I admire the fact that Oprah Winfry is an educated black woman that promotes education. White people love her as well as blacks and many other races. As a young African American woman in college she is what I strive to be like.

  • Harlem Chic

    Oprah makes $712,000 a day?!!!!!!! Black girls rock!

  • GAWD

    Great! Too bad about 50 cent. He’s a douche! Oprah and Beyonce are the only females on the list. I would’ve preferred any other female besides Beyonce, but whatever.

  • kia the original

    i say congrats to everyone on this list! and oprah, i aint even mad at you!! gone girl!

  • JoeKing

    They make this much money annually you know.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Blacks Makin Money! That’s what I like to hear!

  • JC

    How come Diddy didn’t make the list?

  • JaliliMaster

    Isn’t it sad that 9 out of ten (excluding Oprah) all ade their money as either singers/actors or athletes? The Big O is the only one that made it through other means (entertainement business). I’m sure if u checked the highest earning white celebs, most would be producers, or at the least, film directors, who generate their own money,as opposed to getting paid i.e. people giving you money for your sons, appearance in a movie, performance on the filed/court, or endorsements.

    Ask yourselves why Oprah is the richest of them all, even if u include whites. She excels at business, is a shrewd business woman, who generates her own money, therefore, her succes does not depend on anyone elses opinion of her talent/abilities!

    Is it any surprise that the richest person on the list is the only one (I think) who finished university. And u all say education means nothing. As Tiray says, think!

  • Ms.I'm too cute to be this damnn broke!

    they can take out one, two.. hell who am i kidding, they can take out all the zero’s and give me $712 per day and i’ll be skrate!

  • Born

    She is stumping for Obama, putting money in black institutions and communities, producing black films, assisting Africa and its peoples, educating the masses. Plus she is helping people of all nationalities here and overseas, everywhere. She is so abundantly blessed because she blesses others. And a black woman too…Think about it, black women were only as good as mammies and maids to some only a century ago…go ahead girl, go ahead!

  • avengerunlimited

    Wtf? Forbes has become a magazine of “lists”; every freaking week it’s the list of this…the list of that; the top 10 of this or that; Do you think Tiger Woods will sue Forbes for labeling him as Black?

  • Rambo

    @ Gawd…

    you are a hater and you have that crab in the barrel mentality….

    i happy for all my brothers and sisters on that list wish we had more…

    but where is puffy magic and bob johnson… that list looks suspect…

  • yapz

    beyonce is the only other female on that list. that what you call a female hutsler right there. and to the dude that was hatin on her get over it the girl makes money. more money then any of us on this site. this site really is a beyonce hater zone isnt it?



    so what if they made their money as entertainers or actors .. its still a form of talent, and artistry. how much would people pay to listen to you sing, or dance, etc … and they arent just making this money from take home checks. they’ve used their celebrity to build industries and commercialize from that. its no shame in actors or singer, and athletes

    being on that list.

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