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We know we’re a little late on this one, but here is a video of some teenagers getting their ‘kiddy freak on’ to some Keith Sweat. SMH.

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  • Harlem Chic

    Let that be my daughter…..

  • Harlem Chic

    I would be the Be-Jesus out of my daughter if I caught her crankin dat the way that young lady in the video was….

    Where’s her father?

    Where is her mother?

    Why is she so hot in the ass?

  • NJ Smarty Pants

    Wow! And they had the nerve to put it on YouTube. SMH. @Harlem Chic…I would whoop that a** if that were my daughter! Kids these days. Spend less time watching videos on BET and more time in the library!

  • Harlem Chic

    I would beat the snot out of her ass…then the Be-Jesus…

  • Miss K

    lmfao @ Curvy’s response. I was gonna say the same damn thing!

    he looks like he been practicing his strokes since he was in diapers. SMH.

  • Stephanie

    Ummm. Way too many things wrong about that.

    1) who are the perverts taping it? I understand clothes were on but still

    2) the girl had a ponytail she looked so young

    3) I agree that lil dude move better than a lot of grown men. Doing that acrobatic stuff

    4) they aint got nothing better to do than to simulate sex?

  • Un

    I’M CALLING ACS…right after I finish taking notes.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Okay, I’m snickering and it doesn’t seem right.:-) These kids nowadays are just too damn grown!! On the other hand, this lil couple is flexible as hell and that young boy…nuff said.

  • Tweet

    As this video plays, run your mouse over the bottom of the screen and you will see that there are more videos. Clearly this is something they do on a regular basis. Absolutely pitiful…and disgusting.

  • Roe ski love

    Thats one hell of a routine they have going on there. I’m at work and had to tilt my screen away from leering eyes. Young buck reminds me of myself with all of his junior creativity. He could have spent more time tasting the yam though.

  • bree

    i dont think they are kids..that looks like one of their apartment..there isnt any furniture but the mattress on the floor..this video was all about homeboy and she had a cameo..lmao..

  • iluvprada


  • classysophisticatedchic

    I have to agree with Harlem Chic; where are the parents??? So many young ladies are disrespecting themselves. It’s really sad.

  • Bronx Brawler

    She’ll be pregnant by this summer.

  • Black to tha Bone

    If this guy hones his moves further he will move into the big leagues of white women and their white dollars. Little hood hoes are just a starting point, I smell his ambition.



    That boy was moving a lil TOO well…and that girl is just a baby! SMH.

  • Golden

    I hope neither of them are going to run for public office. This stuff will come back to haunt them!!

  • It'sREALLYme

    HA!! @ Golden… you are absolutely right. I don’t think Freaky and Deaky thought of that though. Livin’ in the moment.

  • Brittany L.

    Its a shame that the first few comments are all coming down on the girl in the video. What about the guy? It takes two people. SMH at the double standard.

  • Coa Coa

    STOP THE MADDNESS!! I dont even know what 2 say. If this is what r youth is doing w/ their time, I am deeply ashamed.I mean its kind of funny when u look at it, but when you think about it……….. I would beat her ass!

  • RICO LOve


  • Morpheus

    Aint she the point guard on Rutgers?

  • arasiam

    Ahh Black Love, it’s a beautiful thang, ain’t it?

  • WTF?!

    WTF?!!! I don’t even know how to respond to that shat… wait WTF?! I am simply appalled! I’m mad she looks like she just got dropped off by her school bus. *{(((NASTY ASSES!)))}*

  • Virgilio Soler Jr

    @ WHOA…that’s why you sneak into your kid’s room at 3am and whoop that a*s one time and tell ’em that’s for any ish they doing that they haven’t been caught on…LOL

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