Question of the Day: Why Do Black People Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Tyler Perry?

- By Bossip Staff

Yesterday, Spike Lee made a comment that likened Tyler Perry’s content to that of Amos & Andy. Within our community the debate rages on between folks who can’t get enough of Madea, and folks who are completely turned off by his style of comedy, drama, ect.

Many say that the debate is divided by classes of African Americans (low, middle and upper). The idea is that lower to middle class AA’s are die hard fans and upper class AA’s typically don’t enjoy TP material.

We want to know what Bossip folk think? What’s the deal with the Black community and Tyler Perry?


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  • Whatever

    THIRD!! t(*o*t)

  • Pat Sajack

    Tyler Perry is young black and successful, and people who “paid there dues” are upset about it for example Jessie Jackson felt the need to hate on Obama for the same reasons that Spike Lee chose to hate on Tyler Perry.

  • ms.kelly

    I never thought to think his humor would be divided by class line. I would say more so how deeply connected one feels to the culture, I feel that Tyler’s humor is very much in the nature of black humor, even though its varied.

  • K-mia

    There is nothing funny to me about Madea, or either of his wack tv shows. But clearly someone likes it, because he’s rich. I just hope his material grows with time, because right now its seems to be really immature, far from funny, and highly stereotypical

  • Near

    only uneducated people think Tyler Perry’s work is funny

  • Molly P.

    Successful people are always targets, especially by others who are jealous. This situation is very similar to the situation that existed between Jesse Jackson and Barrack Obama (except this was purposeful public hatred). Spike Lee will always have a place in film making history. He did it through misoginy, vile language and graphic sexual content.

    Tyler Perry will have a place in stage and film making history. He did it through respect for woman, neutral language and family-friendly content.

    The very fact that Spike Lee has chosen racially charged terms such as the reference to “Amos & Andy” would suggest either a problem on his part or a desperate attempt to grab the spotlight by degrading someone whose only crime is being at the top of his game right now.


  • gmommy

    only uneducated people think Tyler Perry’s work is funny.
    Oh, pleaz. Edjakashun aint got nuttin ta du wit et.

  • gmommy

    @ Molly P

    Very well said!!

  • bruce

    Tyler’s appeal is to the church-going, uneducated ghetto folks who laugh at fat stupid black people making a fool of themselves. His woman are always obese and gross because Tyler is gay and gay men like fat women for some strange reason. His baseline humor is typically ghetto and chitlin, throw back shit.

  • J. Belle

    It is not about being jealous of his success , money wise, it is the fact that he is making money off of “making fun” of black people

  • teetee

    some characters are indicative of how each of us live so that’s why we love him and some are so out there, it’s kind of funny to see that people actually can be that crazy! i love him .. he puts god first always and for that, i won’t ever hate .. now spike on the other hand ..

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    I am just scorned becasue Tyler won’t return any of my emails. He turns me on. I love when he puts on that dress. I just want to bang him in his ass.

    love 6am

  • Ok

    @ 6am- LOL…. after reading the comments from yesterday and today I am contributing every last drop of my savings to your fund!!!! ASAP

  • Ok

    @Whadidujusay?- U are serious too arent u? WOW….SMH

  • jamfar

    Oprah and tyler are BFF’s she supports his work and is trying to build him a white audiance!

  • uhljjangkitty


  • Ok

    @ 6am- I saw that and I just laughed bc its obviously a poser! Its obvious to me the level of ignorance is high on this site! Im on my way back to CL, at least their bloggers are dignified

  • lisa

    There’s no denying that he’s Successful…

  • nyc 2 nj

    its a problem because some black people are really sensitive when it comes to jokes that perpetuate racial stereotypes. i personally feel that it’s a comedian/comedic writer’s job to poke fun at stereotypes to show society how stupid they can be. white comedians poke fun at their own stereotypes, like the redneck jokes…and i can even recall asian and latino comedians doing the same as well. You don’t hear latinos complaining about the jokes George Lopez or Carlos Mencia make on their shows.

    why is it all of the sudden a problem when a black comedian does it? its kind of like the kid who makes fun of everybody on the playground and then wants to fight someone when he gets made fun of. its not like the world actually thinks all black people behave that way, its just a way to lighten up the discussion on race. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, then we don’t deserve to laugh at anyone else.

  • sasha

    black people, wow! never will support our own! NEVER!!!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    minstrel, thank you.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    @ shereefrom brooklyn

    That studio Tyler built in Atlanta doesnt have nearly as many blacks as you think it does luv, besides, Tyler fired all his black writers who asked for a “union wage”

    Is it ok for black people to be paid less for the same work a jewish writer does?

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    love 6am

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