And They Say Just Being Black Isn’t Hard?: Off Duty Cop Shot by Another Cop While Trying to Catch a Suspect!

- By Bossip Staff

This young servant of the law is Officer Omar J. Edwards. He was shot and killed by another cop while chasing a suspect:

A plainclothes policeman who drew his gun while chasing someone he had found rummaging through his car was shot and killed by a fellow officer who was driving by and saw the pursuit, the police commissioner said.
Commissioner Raymond Kelly said 25-year-old Omar J. Edwards died after being shot late Thursday within blocks of the Harlem police station where he worked. The shooter was white and Edwards was black, a fact that could raise questions about police use of deadly force in a minority community. And in recent years there have been several cases of off-duty policemen in the New York City area being shot and killed by other officers. Edwards had just finished his shift around 10:30 p.m. when he headed to his car and saw that the driver’s-side window had been smashed and a man was going through the vehicle, Kelly said. Edwards struggled with the man, who got away from him by slipping out of his sweater, Kelly said. Edwards chased the man up two streets with his gun drawn, he said.

A sergeant and two plainclothes officers in an unmarked police car saw the pursuit and made a U-turn to follow the men, Kelly said. One of the officers jumped out of the car and fired six times, hitting Edwards twice — once in the arm and once in the chest, he said.

Was this killing based on subconscious racism? If not, then what?

R.I.P. Edwards.


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  • southerngirl1956

    OH HELL YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aight

    dude probably had some dirt on the yt cop, and he had a chance to drop him so he did. I bet he wont even face charges-if he does he will get off as usual…..

  • eHeart


  • Mo B

    this is horrible!

  • JUiiCii

    this is ridiculous! i doubt he had dirt on that cop. he just saw an opportunity he couldn’t miss. evidentially they never even asked the guy who he was or asked him to stop running before he started firing. God forgive me but i hope this racist bastard loses his job for that b.s.

  • Ohio_888

    RIP. This is damn shame

  • DICooper

    That’s how it goes down. Nothing to see here. Move along, folks…

  • JUiiCii

    AND catch a charge or two. a murder charge and a neglect/public safety charge.

  • cam

    What ever happened to proper warning such as “freeze” or “stop, police” before firing shots. I do hope that the slain officer and his family gets the justice that they deserves and that the courts don’t bullshyte about this matter.

  • Sydney™

    From today’s NY Times story on Officer Edwards, a married father of two sons — the line about minority officers being most likely to be victims of “friendly fire” struck me. I wonder if the events of that night would have been different if Edwards were white:

    Several witnesses told the police that Officer Edwards never said a word. But one witness, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case, said Officer Edwards might have managed to begin to say one word — “Police.”

    If history is a guide, a grand jury will consider possible charges against Officer Dunton. There will be calls for reform of procedures to better protect minority officers, who have most often paid the price for such cases of mistaken identity. And Officer Edwards and Officer Dunton will have their sad places in the latest chapter of a familiar police disaster.

  • Butterscotch


    I agree with you and believe that police procedures should be addressed/reformed to reduce these instances in the future. I was not there and did not witness what occurred, but I sure hate having to read about this happening. It hurts me to my very core.

  • Woudat X

    NY has the most racist law enforcement ever!!!!!!! My homeboy got locked up for “fitting the description” of somebody they looking for… and he was visiting from Canada!!!!! his mom had to bail him out!!!!!!!!

    i bet he wont lose his job folks.. he’ll be back on the payroll like nothing happened… it’ll be swept under and another black man’s life is taken for pennies on the dollar….

  • TheCompletePackage

    In the eyes of NYPD all blacks are criminals.

  • nikki

    @ brnhornet It is never the “right thing ” to shoot someone three times. please understand that there job is to prevent crimes not to murder by any means necessary.
    Black people men esspecaily get this through your head that could be you at any givin moment lynching is still alive and well.

  • brittany

    “Aight”, the fact that u think this man was killed because he had dirt on the other shows u don’t get the bigger picture. This is about a WHITE officer that killed a BLACK MAN that was also an officer, but he didn’t know that because he just assumed that he was a “hoodlum.” I don’t know what the procedure is in NY, but in DC U HAVE TO IDENTIFY URSELF B4 FIRING…I hope the white idiot rots in hell!!!!

  • mane

    While on lunch break yesterday, I saw this on CNN, and while the reporter kept on asking the Chief or whoever, “would the out come have been diff if the o/d cop running with the gun, was white,” that cop guy kept sidestepping his butt off, cuz all he kept on repeating was something like “It’s not a black and white thing, It’s a cop on cop thing!”

  • http://msn THa roc best

    we don’t hate the police we need the police we hate the white in the uniform.

  • mane, RIP Offficer Edwards

    I also thought, that you are to seek cover, if you’re not directly envolded in the situation, then yell stop police drop your weapon, & then he would’ve known what was going on, so apparently this yt just wanted to k1ll a black man period, shyt I’m willing to bet that the car burglar was whyte also.

  • brnhornet

    Also the guy that Edwards was chasing for breaking into his car, after they caught him, backs up what the cops said. He said he heard everything and the cops did identify themselves and they yelled stop, drop the weapon and Edwards for whatever reason started running towards the cops with the gun in his hand. This guy is latino just in case people think he’s in on it too.

  • the truth

    since when do they teach cops to chase fleeing petty criminals with guns drawn while off duty through a city street?

  • ysr

    This cop on black crime needs to stop. when is it going to be enough?


    Dead Man Walking – Black Man Running – SAME THING. Men of color, in plain clothes, running with guns will always be assumed suspects. Period! Excessive force, whether against a individual or nation of color, will always be an acceptable order of the day. New York City has a history of this type of activity. I guess they have not learned their lesson and need more sensitivity training. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of officers do not live in enthnically diverse communities but work in areas with high concentrations of people of color with little OR no regard for people of those communities. This is a sad, sad day because one would think that with a Black president, Black men would be perceived differently by those truly in power. I guess not.

  • brnhornet

    @ nikki and everyone else

    Please go to the NY post website and read what they have. Once again bullets ca spin a person around.

  • Journey

    Damn I hate this kinda mess.

  • always knew

    This is why I believe whether there is a blk president or not, even when you are doing right, you still have a greater chance of being a victim, no matter what you are doing, where you are going or even who you are with. No one thought to check the blk offcer out, no they are just used to killing blks, so they just opened fire, on one of their own.

    No, it did not matter that, he was undercover and had a badge and a gun. He just got killed. End of story.

    NOW, what were all you look the other do-gooders claiming about if you do the right thing?,”You have nothing to worry about”…(yeah, if you’re wht, you can’t tell me it would’ve ended up the same way, epecially if you live/ work in an inner city. What rights do you REALLY have?


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