Octo-Hole Finally Gets Her 15 Minutes of Fame

- By Bossip Staff

Not that we give a sh*t but Octo-Hole and her circus side show aka family are about to grace our tv screens in a new reality show. Its sick to know that these children were born for this very purpose, Octo-Hole’s fame and that Hollywierd is falling for it hook, line and sinker. Pop the lid for more

Finally, a company brave enough to put child slavery where it belongs … on television.

Eyeworks, a television production company, has just inked a deal with OctoMom Nadya Suleman, finally making her dream a reality — assuming that her dream was to exploit her children for as much money as humanly possible.

Octo’s been trying to get a show going for a while, but now, despite all good sense and decency, it looks like it actually may happen. According to Us Magazine, Suleman is now committed to the show with Eyeworks — a production company — and they’re currently in talks with networks.

If you count each of her fourteen kids as a large sacks of money, then this show will be six large sacks of money better than Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

We have a feeling that this show is gonna be nothing more than pure bullsh*t disguised as a loving mother taking care of her children. Octo-Hole needs to be sterilized and lobotomized at the same time.


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  • sadsddssa


  • Psuedo Baby-Hair...(Why does Young Dro SOUND like he stanks????)

    This sickens me….those poor kids…

  • just tryna keep it real!


  • ballrmom

    hurry up and lock this woman away where she once worked, the nut house!!

  • Mike Fisher

    Before one can perform a lobotomy, first there must be some lobes already present. Evidence suggests that there may be little more present than a brain stem providing basic life support.

    Removing all female reproductive organs is probably a good idea.

  • http://www.madamethejourney.com Madame

    it was inevitable … smdh

  • Chris Johnson

    RETARD!!! F-That she pays money to have all these kids and they give her stuff. Mean while there are MOTHERS all over in need of help and evrybody be like F-Them, they need to get a job. THIS B***CH NEED TO GET A JOB TOO!!!!!

  • susie

    People have kids everyday for different reasons. People need to stop judging her, whats done is done. People need to just pray and talk about the good things this mom brings to her kids.

  • susie

    Jesus saves!

  • My Love is Like...........

    WOW!!!!!! I knew it!!!!! Of course they were going to give her a show for haveing 14 kids and no man……………..She ain’t black so it’s ok in white USA. To prove my point……Let’s see if the 29 year old brother with 21 kids get a show…He needs the moey and so does his kids. That’s the reason they say they are giving her a show and also the reason why Jon and Kate needed there ratings to go up “They need money for all those kids”………Let’s just see if Dr. Phil will pay him $15000.00 to talk to him let he paid her

  • My Love is Like...........

    @ Susie

    Sweetie if you have 8 kids at one time and you all ready have 6 kids no man you live in a 3 bedroom home with your parents oh and your a professional student(right)? You have a problem. They put people in jail for selling there kids and that’s were she needs to be she is selling those babies to the media

  • kmba74

    But why call the “kids” a freak side show. Henny with no glass(class)!

  • unknown

    If you really didn’t give a s*** about Octo-mom, why continue to put up posts regarding her?

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    SMH. This is going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. She is already mentally unstable and having a camera crew following her around is going to create more problems than she bargained for. I hope the $75,000-$100,000/show will be worth it. Jon and Kate are a prime example of the effects of Reality TV and family.

  • Journey

    There would be no reality show if this woman were black or latino.

  • big boss

    wow, she has more of a career than Christina Milian

  • http://yanniepooo.blogspot.com yanbeech

    Possible titles:
    “One guy,18 women, and a s%*9^load of kids”
    “Welcome to Hell: Population 1, Tennesee”
    “The life & times of the world’s most uninteligent man & the women who fell for his Don Juan ways”
    “What’s a condom again?”


  • http://yanniepooo.blogspot.com yanbeech

    or a sitcom series “why did THEY have to be black?!”

  • HotTea

    i can’t believe she got a show! Whoever signed her on to do a show needs to be boycotted. Soooo innappropriate!

  • momo

    octo-hole … don’t know about that term … ewww ….

  • Traydayz

    Why is everybody saying these poor kids? I have not heard one story about her not being a good mother. She is no different than the mothers that put make up on their little girls and parade them on a stage for a trophy and money. I hear about worse mothers than her on a daily basis. Stop following what the media says all the time and judging people based on what they feed you. cattle

  • 1_2_tru

    out with jon & kate plus 8 and in with octo-mom

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