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Pastor Manning is at it again, and now he’s targeting Oprah. This guy has got to be joking. Look at the little smirk on his face. SMH at white people having to speak in the closet and “please wake up and smell the blackness.” This dude is ridiculous.

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  • Ms. Dee (#21 Fan Forever!!!)

    UMPH!!! Will someone tell this Porch Monkey to STFU!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tj

    Well lmao. I think this is some type of joke. In other news has anyone been watching Oprah lately. What is her obsession with “clutter” this is not an epidemic in anyone head other than Oprah’s. She is too much.

  • andrea

    what a tool. go sit in the corner!

  • Kiki

    He’s a joke. This is why I don’t go to church anymore.

  • shari2422

    this negro really needs to sit the fu** down and embrace change in America, YES WE CAN!

  • khourin


    About not going to church… I dont know if you live in NY, but there is a great REAL church in brooklyn called Christian Cultural Center. if you dont live here totally disregard this message…just giving you an option.

  • KingTaharka

    This sounded more like an attack on black peole than an attaack on Oprah why is unlce tom going at his own folks like that somebody send this fool a mirror

  • E. Junior


  • William Powers

    Somebody please tell me this is a joke right? PLEASE!?!

  • ResearchDONE

    I have no words. Where the hell did this guy come from and what is his damn point? Oprah hates white folks (expecially white women). What black person do you know that loves white folks? A white guy in my thesis class wrote his thesis on black women and white women being “natural enemies” and how this has perpetuated through society. A very intersting read to say the least (he was white but a member of a black fraternity and a member of my fan club) much more interesting than this tool.

  • Pastor Manning Hairline

    I just wanna know why nobody ain’t been checking for me since I been gone?

    And when you pass around the offering plate could you put a little something extra so that I can go get some Rogaine…

    I’m gonna get a Hair Transplant, but I’ll just dip into the “building fund” once it gets large enough…

  • Roe ski love

    Dude says he is a preacher, although he has flashing across my computer screen the honorable Dr. Manning. Whenever a pastor or preacher drops the Reverand title from their name, they are have you look at their credentials first and formost. Therfore droping GOD out of the equation. I’m hip to you and your kind buddy.

  • elle

    The first problem I have is Pastor Manning referring to Mr. Barack Hussien Obama, quite disrespectful.

    Secondly since we got the right to vote, isn’t it an individual right to vote for whomever we want?

    Thirdly stfu….

  • NYC

    dude is right !!! ya too defensive people.

    aint no blacks going to vote for Obama! Why? cause they don’t know him. And if you don’t know him how can you trust the man.. like it or not ya’ll know Hil and Bill.. church

  • Wak tak ten

    The news media is racist.Using racist terms like the Black community & Black leaders.You will never here terms like the White community or White leaders.

  • elle

    dude isn’t right. alot of black people have voted for him.

  • food for thought

    Somebody tell church people what secularism means!

    Preach about the holy book and may be the real wrongs people do. Politics and religion need to be seperate from one another. There are plenty of Islamic countries that have the Quran or Sharia as the law. In some of these countries that is where the problem lies. Don’t make me point out all the problems now. You all see where this can lead to, no matter what religion we are talking about. Aren’t there more important things a preacher should talk about? Are my fellow Harlemites alright with all the bs that comes from this pastor? Send him email, call him, he needs to be aware that there are ppl out there who try to think further than he does.

  • elle

    no wak tak ten you won’t because unlike us certain people are dealing with the business at hand, not the nonsense of if you’re black then you should vote for this person.

    if this man doesn’t like who oprah is voting for fine but what is his agenda, how is he pulling black business and education together?

    just stupid talk that at the end of the day is just that talk.

    focus on real agenda’s with a plan tyo back it up people.

  • Raven


    The first problem I have is Pastor Manning referring to Mr. Barack Hussien Obama, quite disrespectful.

    Why is that disrespectful? That’s his name. It’s very childish, however, and probably the only thing the Republicans will come up with to put Barack down if he wins the nomination. Fear mongering indeed, since nothing else will put down Barack.

    I’m not at all surprised by this “pastor”‘s diatribe. This is as ridiculous as the notion of the Black Republican. F’ing internalized oppression at its fullest.

  • It'sREALLYme

    Oh.. Pastor Manning has something else to say. ::hits play:: (7 seconds later) ::asleep::

  • pst

    Somebody, tell this hybrid, wannabe Lewis Farrakhan, Negro to shut the fawk up!

  • big_watcher

    This punk needs shooting.

  • cliff

    i cant stand that self hating coon

  • Fierce Chili

    talk about laughable, straight laughable

  • L Dog

    He pronounces “Oprah” as “Ofra” in some parts of the video…lol… I thought i was watchin the got’damn Dave Chappelle show for a minute there, lol

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