*Exclusive* Kobe Pissed at Teammates For Dissing His Crazy Wife on Sports Blog?

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip just exclusively received this hilarious tip about Kobe being hot as fish grease at his teammates for going hard at Cray-Cray a.k.a. Vanessa on some sports blog:

A Laker insider reports: The reason the Lakers struggled to beat the Nuggets is because Kobe was pissed at half the team for blogging about his wife. Some of the Lakers were talking about blogging on sportshate.com and Kobe said he doesn’t read the stuff. The other members of the team were saying their usernames and Kobe went on the site and figured out they were calling him a ball hog and even worse, TALKING ABOUT HIS WIFE and the maid scandal.

Here is a snapshot of the some of the comments from sportshate.com

LOL. Bossip folk, who are you rooting for in the playoffs?

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  • Beigelake


  • Beigelake

    Who cares!!

  • tj22


  • what ya say


  • King Kobe Bryant!!

    umm…why would THE KOBE be scared of lebron (the sore loser) james?

  • Me No Likey "when Black people in the spotlight act like Pooky and them from around the way"

    Well the man has a right to defend his wife, however he must realize the consequences of his wife’s behavior:

    They wouldn’t have anything to say if she hadn’t acted a fool on more than one occasion, so publicly. Kobe must first address his crazy, mean, low class wife.

  • http://afo.net Baller

    I don’t know how his teammates can play with the selfish jerk. And everybody knows his wife is crazy, Hell she cursed a woman out in front of her little girls. She has a husband that likes to hit chics raw that he meets for the first time. He just happen to be a great selfish basketball player. I hope Orlando beat the fakers.

  • aight

    what dude gets on a blog to talk about another mans wife? This story is bullshit.

  • http://anonymous@yahoo.com .........

    Hope the Nuggets whip they ass~~~

  • HaitianSurvivor

    i hate kobe LOL

  • LeahLeah

    I’m mad his wife has all this money from being married to him and her teeth still looks like she’s been chewing on bricks. Get your teeth fixed boo boo

  • I iUv hIp HoP


  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!™

    Yeah, he’s so “Selfish” that he’s brought them to the NBA Finals two years in a row!

    Go L.A. f*ck Orlando!

    LeBron James is a sore Looser!

  • always knew

    So? Who cares if he’s pissed?

  • Rayna Jo

    Regardless of his wife’s demeanor Kobe has every right to be upset. She is the wife and mother of his children. These blogs can damage someones inner psyche. People attack on blogs and then proceed to be cordial when in their company. Their personal affairs are divulged for all to see and comment.

    It can be emotionally traumatizing to read everyone’s innermost thoughts about yourself, family members and their children. No one has any regard how damaging it is to hear that someone is taking shots at their children on a blog. It is very traumatizing as well as troubling.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jcstansb Man I just dont care™

    This is BULLSHIT.

  • Khalisa

    U guys are too funny!! Vanessa “teef” lookin’ like she chews bricks!! HAAAAAAA

  • rasta4life

    Its all talk this is a fake rumor. Cause at the end of the day they know why their team is so good. If there was no double team for kobe none of them would even be scoring. Plus the championship bonus will make everybody act right.

  • thizzica a. fox

    hey rayno jo, shut up. this aint oprah.com to heal your inner woes i suggest you visit http://www.whogivesashitthisisagossipblog.com


  • Carla

    Well Vanessa puts herself out there so people are putting her on blast, lol. Vanessa wanted to be known, she has her wish, lol…

  • brnhornet

    Stop hating. Complete B.S

  • Carla

    I see Vanessa as a bitter future ex-wife on a reality show, lol…

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!™

    I think you people just Love to HATE Kobe.

    Success breeds jealousy & envy.

    Keep doing your think Kobe, I ride w/ cha.

    Vanessa is fine as hell/Stop hating.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!™

    Kobe’s gonna mop the floor w/ these guys!

  • LeahLeah

    Smh@ people supporting Kobe when he doesn’t support his own people.

    Why is it that BET has nominated Kobe like a dozen times for Athlete of the year award and he has NEVER EVER showed up??

    The BET awards are not ghetto,so come up with another excuse.
    Okay,ready,set go…..

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